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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diary of Rev. T. J. Tenney, 1841

Source: Charles Foster Whitman, A history of Norway, Maine: from the earliest settlement to the close of the year 1922 [] (Lewiston, Me.: Lewiston Journal Printshop and Bindery, 1924).
[p. 316]
Jan. 3—Preached from Ps. 90:9. We gave up the use of the house in the afternoon for the funeral services of Mrs. Smith, wife of Squire Smith. Mr. Soule officiated.

Jan. 10—Our muster at Denmark was larger than common for this season of the year. In the evening rode home.

Jan. 28—Rode to Fryeburg to meet my sister Susan.

Feb. 9—Visited and lectured at Br. S. Cobb's. Mrs. Thompson was 90 years of age today and we gave a birthday sermon from Ps. 23: 1, 11. Lectured at Br. Nath'l Bennett's from I Cor. 1:17.

Feb. 14—Our meeting was quite large for the season and in the congregation were some of our opposers. Text, Luke 23:34.

Feb. 15—Reading and sawing wood.

Feb. 16—Attended an anti-slavery meeting at the Chapel. Mother Gibson came over today.

Feb. 23—This evening about 10.30 o'clock we had an addition to our family, of a little boy whom we designate by the name of Samuel A. Tenney. Hope to make him better and more useful than his father.

Mar. 1—Izah is doing well.

Mar. 15—Attended a discussion which was no discussion on Pope's "Whatever is, is right." Negative argument written.

Mar. 23—Attended a funeral of a child of Br. Mark P. Smith.

Apr. 9—Just a year since I exchanged single blessedness for the married life, and all is well.

May 1—Rode and walked to D.

May 2—Preached there from Isaiah 45:21 and Heb. 4: 1, 2, 3.

May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8—lost.

[p. 317]
May 14—National fast for the death of Pres. Wm. H. Harrison. With many others we observed it with appropriate services. Discourse delivered from Isaiah 40:6, 8.

June 11—Visiting schools. Village schools are for those under 10 years. Their standing is quite good and yet not so good as might be expected where so much time and money are expended. Singing here is an exercise, and perhaps too much indulged in for the success of other and more important studies.

June 17—Married Mr. Jonathan Blake or Bethel to Miss Elizabeth S. Crockett of Norway.

June 20—Large attendance at church. Texts: Isaiah 45:2, 3, and James 4:13, 14.

June 22—Visited the schools in ours and Br. Bennett's dist. Both rather backward and the first rather noisy. We shall, however, hope for improvement.

June 27—Preached at No. Paris from Luke 13:3, and Matt. 12:30. The meeting was large and uncommonly atttentive.

June 29-30—Rode to North Yarmouth to attend the convention. Preached my occasional which was so much better than I expected that the Council not only ordered it printed in the Banner but also had a collection taken up to have it published in pamphlet form for gratuitous distribution.

July 1—Meeting continued. The speakers being Bates, Thompson, Burr, Williams, Abel, Saddler and Gunnison. All gave us good discourses, save a little exception in that of the last.

July 4—Preached at N. Norway. Rode home in the evening, and attended a temperance meeting.

July 14—Delivered a temperance lecture at Norway Center.

July 28—Visited the Bennett School for the 2d time—taught by Miss Holt. Scholars have made a good improvement in reading.

Aug. 6—Rode to Lovell and spent the night with Br. M. Hutchins.

Aug. 7—Calling on old friends.

Aug. 8——Preached in L. Full meeting and good attention. Rode home in the evening.

Aug. 17-18——We had the company of Grandpa Howard and Father Gibson.

Aug. 21——Received a letter from Congressman Littlefield informing us of the veto of Clay's bank bills.

Aug. 23-29—Went on a journey through Dixfield to Freeport. Preached there in exchange with Br. Watt.

Aug. 30—Rode to Denmark with Br. Samuel.

Sept. 1-2—Attended the York, Cumberland and Oxford Association.

Sept. 5—Preached in Albany. We had a full house and good attention.

Sept. 22—Attended the general muster in Lovell (was chaplain of one of the regiments).

Oct. 15—Rode to Bethel and spent the night with a sister of my Grandmother Tenney.

[p. 318]
Oct. 17—Preached on Bethel Hill. The congregation was small and inattentive. There were some exceptions. In the evening lectured to a more appreciative audience, in the Walker Schoolhouse.

Nov. 2—At home.

Nov. 3——Married Capt. Otis True of Poland to Miss Martha S. Millett of Norway.

Nov. 4, 5, 6—About the common affairs of a preacher.

Nov. 7—Preached in Norway.

Nov. 14-21—Preached in Albany.

Nov. 22 to 27—Spent the week at home and in Denmark. Our annual Thanksgiving was on the 25th, and we spent it very happily in Denmark.

Nov. 28—Preached at North Paris. Delivered a Washington Temperance lecture in the evening.

Dec. 5—Preached in Norway. Samuel commences his school tomorrow. Came today from Denmark.

Dec. 11—I am resolved, God being my helper, never to forget myself, so far as to be overcome of anger.

Dec. 12—Preached in Poland. The resolve of yesterday was hardly made and cool before it was broken, but I will not give up yet, I will not give up, and again I repeat the resolve—God being my helper, I am still resolved never to so far forget myself as to be overcome of anger. I will not indulge (or ought not to indulge) myself in the giving of blow for blow—kind for kind and measure for measure. The divine law is, "Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good." And this shall be my law, and with God's assistance I will obey it.

Dec. 13-18—I may say I have kept my resolve thus far, but not without an effort. I find in myself two powers, and I am afraid that if I would do good, evil is present with me. As a general thing, we may be guarded, but an unkindly word from a source which we have been accustomed to respect is apt to overthrow our resolves and give
loose reins to our passions. Oh, for love's perfect work.

Dec. 19—Preached in Norway. Not a full meeting—weather bad.


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