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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Zadoc Long's Journal, 1855-57

Source: Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman, A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine (Buckfield, Me.: [s.n.], 1915).
[p. 503]
Mar. 5—Annual town meeting. All the voters out. Two strong parties, Ramrods and Rummies. The latter are victorious and sweep everything before them.

Mar. 17—F. O. J. Smith is erecting a bridge over the river above the grist mill dam for the R. R. extension.

Apr. 1, Sunday—A powerful rain—travelling bad. No meeting for public worship.

June 4—Refreshing rain. The apple trees in full blossom. It is a hard time for poor people on account of the scarcity and high prices of provisions. Wheat, $3; corn, $1.50; best flour, $15; beef per cwt., $10.

June 25—Funeral of Sam'l Thomes's wife.

July 3—The 2 principal political divisions—Fusionists and Liberals, marshalling their forces for celebrating to-morrow at So. Paris and Paris Hill.
O what a war of words there'll be
Twixt tweedledum and tweedledee.
How demagogues will vant and strain
And vulgar masses shout amain.
How dandy orators will blow
About the country's weal and woe,
Tell what to do in such a crisis
To check advance of public vices
Achievements mighty will be done
In declamation: yet the sun
Will rise in spite of all they say
And set as usual every day.

Aug. 17—Yesterday the County Commissioners were here to appraise the damage for locating the extension of the R. R. over my land.

Oct. 1—Pleasant autumn weather. The R. R. extension is being forwarded. The rails are laid as far as Mr. Artemas F. Cole's house.

Jan. 12—Ordered of N. Hooper & Co., a bell for the Baptist church, 800 lbs. at 31 cts. and the fixtures for hanging $27. The whole complete for $275 put on board of steamer.

Jan. 20, Sunday—Attended worship in the new church for the first time. It is a very pleasant house. Mr. Small is entitled to much credit for what he has done to improve society here.

Jan. 24—I have collected over $350 in contributions for the new Baptist Church. Bell came on the cars this afternoon. Will cost when ready to be rung $300. The remainder of what I have collected, I shall give to Rev. A. K. P. Small to relieve him from debts assumed in building the house. This is the first church bell ever seen in Buckfield and it has cost me some effort.

Feb. 10, Sunday—Church bell ringing for meeting. The first Sabbath on which a church bell has been rung in Buckfield.

[p. 504]
Apr. 2—The corporators of the Nezinscot Bank met at the tavern and voted to accept the charter and chose a committee to procure subscribers for the stock. The Bank is chartered for the village with a capital of $30,000. Robins singing.

July 13—Funeral this afternoon of Mr. Murdock's child.

Aug. 27—Last night we were alarmed at midnight by the ringing of the church bell and the cry of fire. Elder Small's house and stable with much of his furniture were entirely consumed. It is supposed the fire was set by an incendiary. Mr. Small and his wife were at Yarmouth attending an association meeting.

Aug. 28—Moses Thomes moves into our chambers at a rent of $9 per quarter. Mr. Small, wife and child returned home to find their house in ashes and they put with us. The people met last eve and subscribed $445 towards rebuilding them a house.

Sept. 18—The condition of the village at present is not so promising as it has appeared at some earlier periods. There is no considerable money invested in useful manufacturing. The business of the place is limited to a few retail stores and common mechanic shops. The R. R. has passed into the hands of creditors. It has cost the people here over $50,000 It is now beyond redemption and the rails may be taken up which would leave us in a worse condition than before the road was built.

Sept. 29—We are preparing to start on a visit to E. Boston to stay for the fall and winter with our children.

July 15—Commencement day at Cambridge. John Davis graduated the 4th in his class for the whole course—the 2nd for the Senior year.

Aug. 17—John Davis starts for Westford, Mass., where he will commence his engagement as principal of the academy there.


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