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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Zadoc Long's Journal, 1851-52

Source: Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman, A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine (Buckfield, Me.: [s.n.], 1915).
[p. 498]
Jan. 7—The snows have so blocked up the R. R. that the cars have not passed over it for some 10 days.

Jan. 10—The R. R. Co. desperately embarrassed. The stock is worthless and holders cannot give it away to responsible parties. The road is mortgaged for about $40,000 and the floating liabilities are nearly as much besides. Subscribers to stock were not aware that they made themselves liable to creditors of the company to the amount of their stock. Many are disposing of their property to avoid it.

Jan. 14—A rumor is out that the Canal Bank has failed. If so the loss among the people will be severe as the money on that bank is largely in circulation here and elsewhere. I have some $45.

Jan. 25—Stockholders of the R. R. met at the depot to see what can be done for the road. It is not now in operation, owing to some injury done to the engine.

Feb. 4—Zadoc takes charge of the store of Wm. A. Child & Co., appraised at $1680.12. I have done this for Zadoc.

Mar. 26—Funeral of Mr. John Loring, one of the oldest citizens of the place, aged 81.

[p. 499]
Apr. 12—Meeting of the B. B. R. R. stockholders at which about $14,000 were subscribed in part to satisfy their liabilities.

Apr. 15—The prospect for business and for social development in this place, dim and small. People embarrassed and discouraged on account of the R. R. The whole effect on the community is bad.

Apr. 26—The town has voted to petition the Lagislature to grant power to loan its credit to the amount of 15 per cent of the cash valuation of property for the purpose of aiding the R. R.

Oct. 11—John Davis recites his first lessons in Greek to Mr. Small, preacher in this village.

Oct. 13—We are building a new school house in the village with brick walls. It is on the ground had of V. D. Parris, on the road nearly opposite the town house on a place embracing improvements recommended by the State Board of Education. Cost estimated $1400 all told.

Oct. 20—Bought the store in which my son, Zadoc, trades this day deeded to me by N. O. Douglass and paid $1000 for it to Artemas F. Cole, who exchanged a dwelling house for it with Mr. Douglass. Mr. A. F. Cole has this day bought one-half of my stock in trade and enters into co-partnership. He pays me $1100 for half the stock.

Nov. 27—Thanksgiving Day. Delightful weather. Good sleighing. Winter is about 30 days earlier than usual.

Nov. 30—I last week gave up to the R. R. Co. claims against it for $2072.00 and took a certificate from the Treasurer. That clears me from all further liabilities to the Co. and to its creditors according to the laws of the State. This matter has occasioned me much anxiety and I have been fortunate to get fully discharged so cheaply. I subscribed for 20 shares. My whole liability was $4000. I have managed to get discharged for less than $1400 by buying claims against the company.

Apr. 11—Mr. Small has commenced a sort of an Educational Institute in the village—that is to meet with as many of the scholars in this district as please to attend twice a week for the purpose of improvement. Mr. Hiram Hall has opened a store in this village with a new and large stock of common country merchandize.

Apr. 15—Fast Day. Farmers out of hay. It is a very discouraging time for them. Old Mr. Wm. Brock, a poor pauper, buried in a howling snow storm without mourners and without funeral services. Old Mrs. Chaffin buried yesterday.

Apr. 16—Snow fell yesterday 16 inches deep.

Apr. 28—Mr. Small preached. He has fuller meetings than any minister we have had this long time.

Apr. 29—Martins came yesterday.

June 28—Sold to Artemas F. Cole my part of the stock in trade and dissolved the co-partnership of Cole & Long.

Aug. 30—Zadoc went this morning at half past 5 on the cars to commence as clerk with J. N. Dennison & Co., Boston.

[p. 500]
Sept. 5—Mr. Small preaches at Union Chapel. We miss Zadoc's flute in the choir.

Oct. 25—The telegraph this morning brings us the news of the death of Daniel Webster at his home in Marshfield, Mass.—A great light is extinguished—a star of the first magnitude has fallen.


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