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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Petition for Change in County Road in Buckfield, 1801

Source: Jenks' Portland Gazette of Feb. 9, 1801.
Cumberland, ff — To the Honorable Court of General Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at Newgloucester, within and for the county of Cumberland, on the first Tuesday of January next.

THE petition of Benjamin Spaulding, Abijah Buck, Mark Andrews, and Dominicus Record, all of Buckfield, in said county, and others, the subscribers, humbly sheweth—That having great occasion of frequent use of that part of the County Road which now leads over Hearsy hill, so called, through said Buckfield, by sad experience find the same to be very bad, more especially on account of its roughness and the extraordinary bad hills over which it extends; and being well acquainted with the make of the land westerly of said road, are fully of opinion that by laying a road over Bradbury Hill, so called, the public might be greatly benefited, viz. by it as follows, that is to say—After following the County Road leading from Moses Emery's to Capt. John Bridgham's till it comes to the place or somewhere not far from the place where a private way from said Bradbury Hill meets the same; from thence to run along by Moses Bradbury's; and from thence running northerly over Bradbury Hill, so called, in the most convenient place, till it comes to the house of Joshua Keene, jun.; and from thence continuing northerly till it meets the County Road first mentioned, within the said town of Buckfield; in the whole about five miles:—Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray your Honors to appoint and authorize a Committee of Inspection to view and lay out the same, and make report thereof to your Honors; and that the same may be accepted, and the said piece of road established as a part of the county road through the said town of Buckfield—And your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray.

Dated at Buckfield the 20th day of December, A. D. 1800.

Benjamin Spaulding, Abijah Buck, Mark Andrews, Dominicus Record, Benjamin Spaulding, jun. Thomas Allen, Alvan Robinson, William Tucker (by desire) Josiah Paris, Abraham Harden, Jabez Pratt, Gersham Cole, William Doble, jun. Jonas Febes, Samuel Frink, William Soule, Samuel Thomas, John Warren, Oven Record, Leonard Spaulding, Joseph Barrett, Davis Parsons, John Banks, Benjamin Hale, Zadock Keen, Joseph Cole, Zemus Hall, Malachi Bartlett, Nathaniel Buck, jun.


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