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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Norway Soldiers in the War of 1812

Source: William Berry Lapham, Centennial history of Norway, Oxford County, Maine, 1786-1886 [] (Portland, Me.: Brown, Thurston & Co., 1886).

Given names and surnames have in some cases been switched to facilitate searching.
[p. 237]
This company was raised principally in Norway, though a few men enlisted from Paris, Waterford, and Greenwood. It was recruited in the months of September and October, 1812, mustered in in November, and served until January, 1813. The following is a full list of the rank and file:—

Bailey Bodwell, Captain.
William Twombly, Lieutenant.
William Reed, Ensign.
Alvan Boyden,
Thomas George,
John Pike.
Count de Grass Bonney,
Lewis Stowell,
Paul Simpson,
John Valentine.
George W. Cummings,Jabez Young.
Crombie Atherton,
Isaac Bennett,
Abisha Barnes,
James Barrows,
Asa Barrows,
John Bennett,
Nathaniel Bodwell,
Moses Cummings,
Ebenezer Cobb,
William Churchill,
Joseph Dale,
David Dudley,
Asa Dunham,
John Everett,
Jeremiah Farnum,
Isaac W. Grant,
Stephen Greenleaf,
Charles Hall,
Reuben Hearsay,
James Hassom,
Asa Hicks,
Poladore Hamlin,
Thomas Hill,
Nathaniel Jackson,
Silas Jones,
John B. Knight,
Frye Lovejoy,
Stephen Latham,
Jacob Lebroke,
Samuel D. Morgan,
Daniel Malloy,
Samuel Pike,
Melvin Pool,
William Pike,
Dudley Pike,
Benjamin Pratt,
Nathan Pratt,
James Packard,
Seth Pike,
Moddes Royal,
Samuel Richardson,
Joseph Shackley,
Antepas Smith,
Elbridge Sprague,
Jacob Tubbs,
John Twombly,
John Thurston,
Nathaniel Twombly,
John Witt,
Samuel P. Weeks.

[p. 238]
In the early winter the regiment marched to Burlington. In the following spring, or early in the summer, Captain Bodwell returned home, but the company served out the term of their enlistment. Seth Pike, Asa Dunham, and Jacob Tubbs Jr. died at, or near, Burlington. Joseph Dale came home sick, and died soon after. Many others came home broken down in health, and died within a few years.

[p. 239]
Toward the latter part of the summer of 1814, a British fleet was discovered off Portland, and great fears were entertained that an attack of the city was intended. Troops were at once ordered to the seaboard, and the interior of the State responded nobly to the call. Several companies were organized in Oxford County, two of which were in Norway. As in the case of the company that went to Burlington, these companies were made up in part by men from the adjoining towns. Many of the veterans who returned from Burlington, re-enlisted in the companies called to the defence of Portland. The first company was in the service at Portland, from the 14th to the 24th of September, 1814, three days additional being allowed for travel, and was officered as follows:—

Bailey Bodwell, Captain.
John Pike Jr.,
Enoch Knight,
William Frost,
Moses Houghton.
William Corson,Samuel Pike.
John Quinby,Nathaniel Young.
Job Atwood,
Nathaniel Bodwell,
Isaac Bartlett,
Lemuel Bartlett,
Lemuel Bartlett, 2d,
Malachi Bartlett,
Rufus Bartlett Jr.,
Isaac Bennett,
Marshal Bonney,
Daniel Buck,
Charles Cleaves,
Humphrey Cleaves,
John Clifford,
Churchill Cobb,
Cyrus Coy,
Ephraim Crockett,
Lewis Crockett,
Samuel Crockett,
Samuel Davis,
Ezekiel Delano,
Joseph Dolly,
John B. Everett,
Peter Frost,
Robert Frost,
Benjamin Gorham,
Andrew Gould,
Noah Gould,
Stephen Greenleaf,
Thaddeus Greenwood,
Consider Hill,
Elijah Jordan,
Samuel Jordan,
Samuel Lord,
James M. Marston,
James Monroe,
David Noble,
John Perry,
Joshua Perry Jr.,
John Pierson Jr.,
Nathaniel Rowe,
Solomon Rowe,
James D. Sawyer,
Samuel Tubbs,
Ebenezer Watson,
Daniel Witt,
William Young.

[p. 240]
The second company from Norway was in service at the same time as the first, and covered the same period. The following is a roll of this company:—

Amos Town, Captain.
William Pearson, First Lieutenant.
Cadwallader F. Jones, Second Lieutenant.
Thompson Hall,
John Whitmarsh,
Isaac Lovejoy,
John Needham.
Joseph Stevens,
Joshua Crockett,
Simeon Noble,
Bela Noyes.
Daniel Leighton,Jonathan Stevens.
Jacob Bancroft,
Adam Bradbury,
Clement Bartlett,
John Casco,
Elijah Flint,
Amos Foster,
Nathan Foster Jr.,
Benjamin French,
Jeremiah Hobbs,
Josiah Hill,
David Hall,
Robinson Hobbs,
Jeremiah Hobbs Jr.,
Abraham Jordan,
John Jordan,
Thomas Judkins,
Isaac F. Lovejoy,
John Merrill,
William Merrill,
Edmund Merrill,
Enoch Merrill,
Israel Millett,
Nathan Noble Jr.,
Evi Needham,
Samuel Pingree,
Hoyt Pingree,
Stephen Pingree,
Hezekiah Pingree,
Asa Pool,
William Pingree,
Henry Prentiss,
Joseph Pierce,
Silas Shed,
James Small,
Jeremiah Staples,
Joel Stevens Jr.,
Francis Upton,
Micah Upton,
Hosea White,
Darius Wilkins,
Stephen P. Watson.

Samuel Ames was Quartermaster's Sergeant of Lieutenant-Colonel Ryerson's regiment to which two Norway companies were attached, and Henry Rust was Sergeant-Major. In Captain Blake's Paris company were the following Norway men: George W. Cummings and Daniel Cummings Jr., musicians; Tilden Bartlett, private, was in Captain Ripley's Paris company. In Captain Blake's company were also Ichabod and Sylvanus Bartlett, John Needham, Daniel Noble, Jonathan Swift, and Moses Twitchell, either then or soon after Norway citizens. John Bird was in Captain Bemis' company.


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