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Monday, December 18, 2006

Name Changes, 1820-1891

Source: Marquis Fayette King, compiler, Changes in Name by Special Acts of the Legislature of Maine, 1820-1895 (1901).

These are all the name changes in King's compilation that reference former or present towns of Oxford County. The complete database may be searched here.
ABBOTT, David, 3d, of Rumford, ch. to David Wesley Abbott, 1841. [p. 3]

ANDREWS, Bathsheba, of Paris, ch. to Abby Edla Andrews, 1853. [p. 3]

BARNES, Samuel, of Greenwood, ch. to Samuel Perry Bryant, 1837. [p. 5]

BARTLETT, Moses B., of Waterford, ch. to Allison B. Bartlett, 1855. [p. 5]

BARTLETT, Thomas Spencer, of Bethel, ch. to Spencer Thomas Bartlett, 1858. [p. 5]

BEARCE, Nathan Dexter, of Hebron, ch. to Josiah Dexter Bearce, 1843. [p. 5]

BEAN, Taylor, of Jay, ch. to Oliver Taylor Bean, 1835. [p. 5]

BESSE, Mary V., of Paris, ch. surname to Bemis, 1853. [p. 6]

BESSEY, Warren Whitefield, of Paris, ch. to Warren Howard Vinton, 1846. [p. 6]

BICKFIELD, Dodarah, of Brownfield, ch. to Ira Bickford, 1850. [p. 6]

CHADBOURNE, Emily F., of Hiram, ch. to Emily Hatch, 1864. [p. 11]

CHANDLER, Carter, of Lovell, ch. to John Carter Chandler, 1823. [p. 11]

CHAPLIN, Lydia, of Waterford, ch. to Lydia Jane Chaplin, 1837. [p. 12]

COBB, Weston Dana, of Paris, ch. to James Weston Dana, 1847. [p. 13]

COLE, Samson, of Paris, ch. surname to Andrews, 1829. [p. 13]

COX, Benjamin, of Hebron, ch. surname to Watson, 1864. [p. 14]

CROSS, Melissa and Sarah Ellen, of Greenwood, ch. surname to Stevens, 1854. [p. 15]

CUSHMAN, Sophrona M., of Hebron, ch. surname to Bonney, 1864. [p. 15]

DANIELS, Eliza I., of Paris, ch. surname to Porter, 1871. [p. 16]

DAVEE, Henry Clinton, of Hebron, Mary Helen, of Auburn, and Augusta, of Minot, ch. surname to Weston, 1857. [p. 16]

DOW, Lydia, of Greenwood, ch. surname to Whittle, 1872. [p. 18]

DYER, Oscar F., of Buckfield, ch. to Elbridge Dyer, 1838. [p. 18]

EAMES, Alexander, Jr., of Newry, ch. to Alexander Putnam Eames, 1845. [p. 19]

EDWARDS, David A., of Otisfield, ch. to David Andrews, 1854. [p. 19]

ELA, William, of Fryeburg, ch. surname to Gammon, 1891. [p. 19]

EMERSON, Frederick Augutus [sic], of Denmark, wife and three minor children, ch. surname to Emery, 1838. [p. 19]

FARRINGTON, Noyes, of Fryeburg, ch. to Noyes Knight Farrington, 1843. [p. 20]

FELTON, Skelton, of Paris, ch. to Charles Felton, 1846. [p. 20]

FORD, Asia, of Waterford, ch. to Charles Asia Ford, 1844. [p. 22]

FOSTER, Prudence, of Livermore, ch. surname to Read, 1834. [p. 22]

FROST, William, of Norway, ch. to William Dayton Frost, 1865. [p. 23]

FRYE, Georgia A., of Fryeburg, ch. surname to Day, 1879. [p. 23]

GLOVER, Kesiah, of Hebron, ch. to Mary Glover, 1856. [p. 24]

GREEN, Daniel, of Waterford, ch. to Daniel W. Green, 1860. [p. 26]

HAMLIN, William, of Waterford, ch. to William Henry Hamlin, 1856. [p. 27]

HEALD, Florence M., of Peru, ch. surname to Dunn, 1870. [p. 29]

HEALD, Stephen, of Lovell, ch. to Stephen Ayer Bradley Heald, 1827. [p. 29]

HOBBS, Anna P., of Norway, ch. surname to Frost, 1851. [p. 30]

HODSDON, Jesse D., of Greenwood, ch. to Dustin Hodsdon, 1848. [p. 30]

HOLT, Charles, of Albany, ch. to Charles Leon Holt, 1859. [p. 30]

HOLT, Hiram, 2d, of Bethel, ch. to Hiram H. Holt, 1848. [p. 30]

HUBBARD, Nancy S., of Hiram, ch. surname to Pingree, 1878. [p. 31]

INGALLS, Jefferson, of Denmark, ch. to George Ingalls, 1826. [p. 32]

LANE, Living, 2d, of Brownfield, ch. to William Henry Lane, 1828. [p. 36]

LOCKE, George M., of Sweden, ch. surname to Bennett, 1855. [p. 38]

MONK, Clarissa Bartlett, of Paris, and her children, Clarissa Columbia, Jairus Jackson, Jefferson Freeborn, Hiram Hubbard, Samuel Carter, Charles Francis and Charlotte Willis, ch. surname to Jackson, 1850. Clarissa Columbia to be Columbia Clarissa and Jarius [sic] Jackson to be Jairus Albert. [p. 42]

MOORE, Sebastian Streeter, of Hebron, ch. to Ellis Delmar Moore, 1845. [p. 42]

OLIVER, Charles Northam, of Bethel, ch. to Charles Lovejoy Oliver, 1840. [p. 45 (misnumbered 43)]

OSGOOD, Louis, of Fryeburg, ch. to Edward Lewis Osgood, 1824. [p. 42]

PENLEY, Francis Grovnor, of Paris, ch. to Francis Grovnor, 1857. [p. 47]

PHIPPS, Amelia Haven, of Paris, ch. surname to Robinson, 1857. [p. 47]

QUIMBY, Wilmot Judson, of Turner, ch. surname to Littlefield, 1852. [p. 49]

RECORD, Israel, of Paris, ch. to Charles Hall, 1839. [p. 50]

REMICK, Simon, of Fryeburg, ch. to Franklin Simon Remick, 1824. [p. 50]

RICHARDS, Abigail, Louisa, Maria, Sarah Ann, N. C. Francis and Abigail C., all of Oxford, ch. surname to Lee, 1831. [p. 50]

RICHARDS, John, of Hebron, ch. surname to Lee, 1829. [p. 50]

ROBBINS, John Manley, of Waterford, ch. to John Robbins, 1838. [p. 51]

SMITH, Ezra St. John, of Rumford, ch. to St. John Smith, 1825. [p. 54]

SMITH, John, of Paris, ch. to William Peter Smith, 1856. [p. 54]

SMITH, Persis Almedia, of Norway, ch. surname to Bridgham, 1862. [p. 55]

SMITH, Thomas, of Hiram, ch. to Thomas Irish Smith, 1826. [p. 55]

SNELL, Eliza S., of Turner, ch. surname to Littlefield, 1863. [p. 55]

STARR, Mary, of Paris, ch. surname to Cummings, 1844. [p. 56]

STEARNS, Thomas, of Paris, ch. to Thomas Eaton Stearns, 1870. [p. 56]

STEVENS, Charles O. B., of Rumford, ch. to Charles O. Stevens, 1848. [p. 56]

STEVENS, Ingalls Bragg, of Andover, ch. to Ingalls Bragg, 1873. [p. 56]

STEVENS, John Godfrey, of Fryeburg, ch. to John Stevens Bradford, 1820. [p. 57]

THORN, Sarah R., of Paris, ch. surname to Cummings, 1871. [p. 59]

TREADWELL, Maria Elizabeth, of Waterford, ch. to Elizabeth Plummer Treadwell, 1838. [p. 59]

TWITCHELL, Emeline, of Dixfield, ch. surname to Dennis, 1844. [p. 60]

TWITCHELL, Jeremiah Nelson, of Granwood [sic], ch. surname to Howe, 1846. [p. 60]

TWITCHELL, Joseph, of Dixfield, ch. to Hobert Dennis, 1844. [p. 61]

TWITCHELL, Samuel Dexter, of Dixfield, ch. surname to Dennis, 1844. [p. 61]

TWITCHELL, Sarah Frances, of Hebron, ch. surname to Benson, 1856. [p. 61]

WADSWORTH, Andrew, of Hiram, ch. to Llewellyn Andrew Wadsworth, 1861. [p. 62]

WALKER, Samuel, 3d, of Fryeburg, ch. to Samuel Fowle Walker, 1835. [p. 62]

WARREN, Edward, of Hebron, adopted by Rufus P. Fuller, and ch. to Edward Warren Fuller, 1870. [p. 62]

WEBSTER, John, Jr., of Fryeburg, ch. to John Sayward Webster, 1835. [p. 63]

WEBSTER, Phebe, of Livermore, ch. to Eldora Ladd, 1861. [p. 63]

WELCH, Chtrles [sic, elsewhere indexed as Charles] E., of Andover, ch. surname to Marston, 1870. [p. 63]

WHITEHEAD, Jefferson, of Paris, ch. to Thomas Jefferson Whitehead, 1839. [p. 64]


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