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Monday, November 27, 2006

Petition for Incorporation of Upton

Source: Charles Errol Heywood, History of Upton, Maine (Norway, Me., Oxford Hills Press, 1973), p. 16.
In January 1860 a petition, signed on Nov. 21, 1859, was submitted to the State Legislature reading:

The undersigned inhabitants of Plantation Letter B in the County of Oxford beg leave to represent that the number of inhabitants in said Plantation is about two hundred and the public good and the interest of said inhabitants would be promoted by an act of incorporation. We therefore pray that the Said Plantation according to its present boundaries, the original survey and map of the State may be incorporated as a Town with the name of Upton.
Simeon F. Frost
William I. Abbott
James S. Douglass
M. C. Hamblen
David P. Brooks
Stephen A. Richards
Otis H. Abbott
Rufus S. Godwin
James Godwin
Horatio R. Godwin
John H. Douglass
Philip Richardson
Joseph W. Ballard

William H. Swan
Benjamin Bailey
Moses Coolidge
Stephen E. Morse
James T. Bragg
Thomas F. Bragg
Martin V. Eastman
Abel M. Flagg
David C. Brooks
John C. West
Hiram F. West
Samuel Grover
Joseph Chase


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