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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Paris, Oxford County, Maine

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Granted June 11, 1771 (confirmed Apr. 22, 1772) to Joshua Fuller and fifty-nine others, in lieu of a previous grant made Nov. 24, 1736, which was found to lie in New Hampshire.

Surveyed in 1771. The first plan was annulled and revised two years later, as the surveyors had mistaken a hunter's line for the boundary of Sylvester Canada (later Turner), to which township they were supposed to adjoin. The bounds of the second township laid out began "two hundred and fifty-two chains from the southwest corner of Sylvester Canada," which left room for an additional township (Buckfield) to be positioned between. A plan was made, dated Feb. 21, 1795, by the committee of Isaac Bolster, Daniel Stowell, and Josiah Bisco [Land Office Plans, 21:21].

First known as Township Number Four, after the former grant in New Hampshire.

Settled in 1782 by Lemuel Jackson and family, his sons having commenced a clearing in 1780, and by John Willis, whose wife came in March, the first white woman to settle here. John Daniels is said by Rev. James Hooper to have begun his improvements in 1779.

First organized as Number Four Plantation, according to the act of incorporation.

Incorporated June 20, 1793. Vice President Hannibal Hamlin, a native of Paris

Land set off to Hebron, Feb. 2, 1818. These were the estates of Andrew Record and David Bryant, from the southeast corner of that town (lot one in the eighth and ninth ranges).

Land annexed from Woodstock, Feb. 10, 1825. These were the estates of John Gray, Jr., and John Starbird (lots six and seven, east part, according to Smith's Survey).

Land annexed from Buckfield, Feb. 19, 1828. These were the estates of Benjamin Woodbury, Caleb Cushman, Jr., Bela Farrar, Asa Thayer, Ziba Thayer, and America Thayer, and included five lots of land in the first and second ranges, west division.

Land set off to Oxford, Mar. 8, 1838. This was the westerly half of lot number one in the first range.

Land set off to Norway, Mar. 18, 1859. These were lots six, seven, and eight in the first range.

Land annexed from Norway, Mar. 2, 1861. This was all that part of lots six, seven, and eight in the first range formerly set off from Paris lying east of a line described as follows: "beginning in the northerly line of said lot eight, and at the center of the old Rumford road, so called; thence following said center southerly till it intersects the road from South Paris to Norway; thence in a straight line through the agricultural grounds to the southeast corner thereof; thence in a straight line to the northeasterly corner of Titus O. Brown's homestead farm, so called, thence to the easterly line of his farm to the Little Androscoggin river, and thence by said river westerly to the originel line between Paris and Norway" [Lapham and Maxim, History of Paris, p. 82]. The "agricultural grounds" were on the site of the present Oxford Hills High School.

Land annexed from Woodstock, Mar. 9, 1880. This was the estate of Caleb Fuller, who lived on a portion of the land formerly annexed from Paris (part of lot 29 in the second and third ranges).

Land set off to form West Paris in 1957.

Villages and locations: South Paris, Paris Hill, Paris Cape.

Neighboring towns and townships: West Paris, Buckfield, Hebron, Oxford, Norway.

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Address Book

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______, Paris, Maine: the Second Hundred Years 1893-1993. (South Paris, Me.: Paris Cape Historical Society, c1994 (Camden, Me.: Penobscot Press)).

Briggs, Frank Augustus, Paris, Maine Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and their Descendants. ([Kennebunk, Me.: F. A. Briggs, 1937]).

Dibner, Martin, Portrait of Paris Hill: a Landmark Maine Village. (Paris, Maine: Paris Hill Press, c1990).

Lapham, William Berry, and Silas Packard Maxim, History of Paris, Maine, from its Settlement to 1880 [] (Paris, Me., Printed for the authors, 1884).

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Waterman, Charles Elmer, A City on a Hill (Paris Hill) . . . (Auburn, Me.: Press of Merrill & Webber Co., [1931]).

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Vital records, 1876-1891 (FHL US/CAN Film 12246): "Contains marriages 1876-1891, family records listing births and deaths, delayed births and corrections filed before 1934."

Records of births, marriages, and deaths, ca. 1757-1918 (FHL US/CAN Film 858544): "Family records of births and deaths ca. 1757- 1871, intentions of marriage 1795-1818, marriages 1795-1876, some town records of earmarks, division of fences, town lines 1795-1866."

Records of births, marriages, and deaths, ca. 1757-1918 (FHL US/CAN Film 859986): "Intentions of marriage 1830-1902, marriages 1876-1891, records of births and deaths ca. 1786-1918."

Records of births, marriages, and deaths, ca. 1757-1918 (FHL US/CAN Film 863526): "Intentions of marriage, 1818-1830."

Extracts from original marriage commissions and marriage certificates in possession of Mrs. Snow of Paris Hill (FHL US/CAN Film 9699 Item 2; also 1421095 Item 5): "made by William A. Robbins, August 1921"; "Microfilm of typescript in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, New York City, New York. 3 leaves."; "With: copy of Rev. C.B. Davis' book of church members, baptisms, marriages, deaths in Paris, Maine, 1838-1852."

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Paris MEGenWeb Project

History of Paris — From Varney's Gazetteer of the State of Maine.

Historical Sketch of South Paris — From Leading Business Men of Lewiston, Augusta and Vicinity.

Josiah Biscoe's Diary, While Assisting in Surveying No. 4 (Paris)

1784 Advertisement for Land

Direct Tax of 1798 - Paris

Paris Deaths, 1803-1878

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Photograph Source: Hanibal [sic] Hamlin, Maine [Online] Available HTTP:; [cwpbh 04991].


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