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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Norway, Oxford County, Maine

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Composed of six tracts. Lee's Grant was a 6,000 acre parcel granted to Arthur Lee of Virginia on Sept. 21, 1780 (confirmed Nov. 8, 1785). Rust's Purchase (sometimes referred to as "Stinchfield's Grant," after James Stinchfield, another prospective proprietor) was a 6,000 acre tract sold to Henry Rust of Salem, Massachusetts, Feb. 7, 1787 [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:375].

Jonathan Cummings of Andover, Massachusetts, purchased two strips of land in Norway. Cummings' First Purchase was 2,880 acres, bought Aug. 7, 1788 (confirmed Nov. 5, 1788) [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:259]. Cummings' Second Purchase, 680 acres, adjoined to the south, and was bought Apr. 10, 1790. Waterford Three Tiers were 6,320 acres left off of Waterford when that town was incorporated. Rust's Gore—called Phillips Gore in the act of incorporation— lay at the southwest corner of town, and was annexed on Feb. 5, 1821. A map of the grants may be seen in Lapham's History of Norway, preceding chapter three.

Surveyed (Lee's Grant) by Amos Davis, Apr. 1785 [Land Office Plans, 25:38]. (The line with Waterford had been surveyed by Isaiah Ingalls in 1783 by request of the Waterford proprietors.) Rust's Purchase (with Cummings' Second Purchase incorrectly appended) was surveyed by Nathaniel Wilson, Jr., for Jonas Stevens, Joseph Stevens, George Lasley, and Amos Hobbs, at an early date, not given on the plan [Land Office Plans, 1:10]. An outline entitled "Rush or Henchfield Grant," was taken from Mr. Rust's plan, Nov. 5, 1786 [Land Office Plans, 25:39]. Samuel Titcomb surveyed the same area, Jan. 1788, and a note attached to the plan states that Cummings' Second Purchase did not belong to the grant [Land Office Plans, 2:10]. See also a plan of Rustfield signed by assessors Nathan Noble and Joshua Smith, Dec. 1796 [Land Office Plans, 21:19].

Cummings' Second Purchase was surveyed in Oct. 1788 by Nathaniel Chamberlain [Land Office Plans, 1:2]. A plan of the entire town which accompanied the petition for incorporation is found in state records, as is an undated outline, showing grants, made after 1796 [Land Office Plans, 25:42, 21:18].

First known as Rustfield.

Settled by Joseph Stevens in 1786 or 1787, followed by George Leslie, Amos Hobbs, Jeremiah Hobbs, Jonas Stevens, and Nathaniel Stevens.

First organized as Rustfield Plantation.

Incorporated Mar. 9, 1797.

Land annexed from Rust's Gore, Feb. 5, 1821.

Land annexed from Paris, Mar. 18, 1859. These were lots six, seven, and eight in the first range.

Land set off to Paris, Mar. 2, 1861. This was all that part of lots six, seven, and eight in the first range formerly set off from Paris lying east of a line described as follows: "beginning in the northerly line of said lot eight, and at the center of the old Rumford road, so called; thence following said center southerly till it intersects the road from South Paris to Norway; thence in a straight line through the agricultural grounds to the southeast corner thereof; thence in a straight line to the northeasterly corner of Titus O. Brown's homestead farm, so called, thence to the easterly line of his farm to the Little Androscoggin river, and thence by said river westerly to the originel line between Paris and Norway" [Lapham and Maxim, History of Paris, p. 82]. The "agricultural grounds" were on the site of the present Oxford Hills High School.

Villages and locations: Norway Village, Norway Lake (Ford's Corner), Norway Center, Frost's Corner, Swift's Corner.

Neighboring towns and townships: Greenwood, West Paris, Paris, Oxford, Otisfield, Waterford, Albany Township, and Harrison (in Cumberland County).

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Vital records, 1837-1892 (FHL US/CAN Film 11588): "Contains family records listing births and deaths, marriage records 1837-1892."

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History of Norway — From Varney's Gazetteer of the State of Maine.

Historical Sketch of Norway — From Leading Business Men of Lewiston, Augusta and Vicinity.

Fragmentary Notes from David Noyes' History of Norway, Published in 1852 — From Sprague's Journal of Maine History.

Norway, Maine Immigrants 1801-1851 — From Whitman's History of Norway.

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Norway

Norway Vital Records, 1915

Deaths in Norway, 1789-1819

Deaths in Norway, 1820-1852

Norway Deaths, 1853-1872

Norway Deaths, 1876-1900

Norway Deaths, 1901-1922

Diary of Rev. T. J. Tenney, 1840

Diary of Rev. T. J. Tenney, 1841

Diary of Rev. T. J. Tenney, 1842

Diary of Rev. T. J. Tenney, 1843-46

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