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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bethel Company, War of 1812

Source: William Berry Lapham, History of Bethel, formerly Sudbury, Canada, Oxford County, Maine, 1768-1890: with a brief sketch of Hanover and family statistics (Augusta, Me.: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1891), pp. 90f.
Roll of Captain Joseph Holt's company in Lieutenant-Colonel William Ryerson's regiment, drafted from Bethel and vicinity and in service at Portland from the 25th of September to the 9th of November, 1814, (with three days additional for travel):
Joseph Holt, Captain.
Jonathan Powers, Lieutenant.
Aaron Cummings, Lieutenant.
Eleazer Twitchell, Ensign.

Isaac Kilburn,
John Atherton,
Norman Clark.

George W. Langley,
Nathan F. Twitchell.
Herman Holt,
Daniel Scribner,
Josiah Brown,
Ebenezer Colby,
Joseph Willis.

Ezra Atherton
William Andrews
Solomon Annis, Jr.
Herman Brown
John Bell, Jr.
Bryant Bridgham
Jabez Bridgham
Moses Bisbee
Luther Bridgham
Daniel Billings
Asaph Brown
William Barker
Samuel Barker
Jesse Bean
Francis Beckler
Daniel Bean, Jr.
Benjamin Bean
Kimball Bean
Ebenezer Bartlett
Nathaniel Bean
Robert Beebe
Francis Cummings
Ebenezer Cross, Jr.
John Chamberlain
Timothy Chapman
John Case
Naphtali Coffin
Timothy Capen
John Cushman
Farnham Dustin
John Estes
John French
Peter Frost
Jeremiah Foster
Austin S. Frisbee
Elias Grover
Nath'l Greenwood, Jr.
James Grover, Jr.
Peter Grover
Asahel Grover
James Grover
Parsons Haskell
Oliver Hapgood, Jr.
Charles Hale
Benjamin Hale, Jr.
Israel Hale
Caleb Hersey
Sprout Hapgood
Sam'l Haskell, Jr.
Timothy A. Holt
Wales Jordan
Sullivan Jones
John Jewell, Jr.
Lewis Jewell
Joseph Kendall
Isaiah Kimball, Jr.
Jeremiah Kimball
Gabriel Kilgore
Elihu Kilgore
Bezaleel Kendall
Luther Locke
Samuel Libby
Mariner Morse
Stephen Moffatt
Josiah Plummer
Samuel Page
John Proctor
Josiah Pride
Asa Peabody
Chandler Russell
John Shed
Geo. W. Sanders
Amos Smith
Nathaniel Sanborn
William Swift
Charles Stearnes, Jr.
Nathan Stiles
Urbane Shorey
Elbridge Sprague
William Totherly
Silas Trull
Sylvanus Twitchell
Asa Twitchell
Abijah Warren
Paul Whitcomb
Samuel Wheeler
Jude Wetherbee
Perley Warren
Joseph C. Walker


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