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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Buckfield Companies, War of 1812

Source: Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman, A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine. (Buckfield, Me.: [s.n.], 1915), pp. 89-92.
One Buckfield company was raised and sent into the vicinity of Lake Champlain and was attached to the 45th Regiment, U. S. Infantry. The company was commanded by Capt. David Bryant and the service was from January to June, 1813.

Two companies, one commanded by Capt. Jesse Turner and the other by Capt. Daniel Chase were sent to Portland in September, 1814, on the alarm that British ships of war lay outside the harbor and might come in at any time and bombard the city. They both were in service from the 13th to the 24th of September with three days additional for travel. On the rolls of these three companies which are given below are not found the names of several men from Buckfield who were in service during that war. Several not found in the roll of Capt. David Bryant's company are known to have been in the battle of "Shadagee Woods," where John Hussey was killed.

John, Joseph and Benjamin Packard, son of Daniel, the Revolutionary soldier and Israel Smith were in a number of engagements which took place in that quarter. John received three flesh wounds in battle. Jospeh commanded a batteaux and Israel Smith another batteaux in one of the expeditions. Joseph and John both died from the effects of wounds received. Benjamin served through the war and was in the battles of Chippewa, Lundy's Lane, Sag Harbor and Fort Erie. He afterwards received a pension.

Roll of Capt. Bryant's company:

Captain, David Bryant
Lieutenant, John Barrett
Lieutenant, Jonas Coburn
Ensign, Stephen Spaulding

Joshua CarpenterSamuel Record
Charles Young

Walter Carpenter
Asa Coburn
James Keen
Elnathan Packard

John Bonney
Leonard Benson
William Brown
James Buck
Moses Bisbee
Isaac Bonney
John Cox
John Crockett
Joseph Crockett
Job Cole
Gersham Cole
Charles Crooker
David Cox
Joshua Davis
Nathaniel Foster
John Gilcrease
Albert Hayford
Israel Heald
William Howland
Simeon Hussey
Francis Keen
Andrew Keen
Simeon Newton
Thaddeus Oldham
Daniel Packard, Jr.
Solomon Phelps
George Parsons
Samuel Randall
Oliver Robbins
Simon Record, Jr.
Elijah Stevens
Moses Stevens
Nathan Tobin
Joshua Taylor
William Tucker
Isaac Young

Roll of Capt. Turner's Company:

Captain, Jesse Turner
Lieutenant, Moses Buck
Ensign, Richard Waldron

John Warren
Isaac Turner
Jonathan Buck
Job Prince

Collins Woodbury
David Farrar
Richard Hathaway
Noah Hall

Elisha BuckJonas Spaulding

Samuel Andrews
Jacob Allen
Leonard Brock
Ansel Bisbee
John Buck, 3d
Samuel Buck
John Brock, Jr.
James Buck
Hopstill Bisbee
Cyprian Bowker
Warren Bessee
Bela Churchill
Caleb Cushman
John Chaffin
Shepherd Churchill
Sampson Cole
Mathew Churchill
James Cole
Jonathan Dammon, Jr.
Joseph Dammon
John Drake
Stephen Drake
Bela Farrow
Nathan Farrow
Ira Gardner
Benjamin Jordan
Elijah Jordan, Jr.
James Lewis
Jacob Leonard
David Low
Robert Leigton
John Mayhew
Nathaniel Mayhew
Nathan Maxim
Alfred Monk
Samuel Packer
Stephen Packard
Abner Rounds
William Spaulding
Moses Stevens
John Thayer
Levi Turner
Luther Turner
Samuel Tucker
Joseph Turner
Andrew Warren

Roll of Capt. Chase's Company:

Captain, Daniel Chase
Lieutenant, David Record
Ensign, Dominicus Record

Tobias Ricker
Moses Packard
Nath'l Gammon, Jr.
Sam'l Record

James M. Pote
Ephraim Ricker
Lewis Record

John PackardPelham Bryant

Daniel Briggs
Obediah Berry
Simoen Buck
George Bryant
Peter Berry
William Cole
Joseph Chase
Aaron Doble
Daniel Daggett, Jr.
George Day
Martin Drake
Stephen Davis
Joseph H. Davis
Lewis Drew
Josiah Drew
Cornelius Drew
Isaac Ellis
Ayra Forbes
Samuel Fernald
Abijah Foster
Micah Foster
Robinson Gammon
Thomas Gammon
Daniel Hutchinson
John Hodgdon
John Hall
Stephen Hutchinson
Andrew Hall
Miles Hines
Israel Hodgdon
Joseph Irish
James Jewett
Mark Lowell
Brazilla Latham
John Milliken
Constantine Matthews
John Mathews, Jr.
Robert Martin, Jr.
David Merrill
Samuel Matthews
Elnathan Packard
Jonathan Packard
Samuel Packard
Aaron Parsons
Jonathan Record, Jr.
Timothy Record
Thomas Record
Seth Roberts
Ezekiel Record
Ebenezer Record
Simon Record, Jr.
Levi Rogers, Jr.
Josiah Swett
Amos Shaw
Gilman Thompson
Jonathan Thompson
Elias Taylor
Joshua Whitman
Moses Young
Isaac Young
Benjamin Young


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