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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Otisfield, Oxford County, Maine

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Granted June 15, 1771, to the heirs and assignees of Capt. John Gorham's company, for service in an expedition against Canada in 1690. A tract had been granted Jan. 12, 1736, which was found to lie partly in New Hampshire. A second township was petitioned for by James Otis and Nathaniel Gorham on behalf of the former grantees.

Surveyed by George Pierce in 1775, assisted by Capt. Jonathan Brackett and David Purinton. There is a copy of an undated plan by Mr. Purinton in state records [Land Office Plans, 1:47]. Resurveyed by Oliver Prescott, Jr., in 1795 [Land Office Plans, 20:32].

Settled by George Pierce, in July 1775.

First known as the Otis Grant, or Otisfield, though a 1774 plan of Waterford calls the tract below "Otisburg."

First organized as Otisfield Plantation, May 15, 1787.

Incorporated Feb. 19, 1798.

Land annexed from Phillips' Gore by an act passed Feb. 9, 1803.

Land set off to form Harrison, Mar. 8, 1805.

Land set off to Oxford, Mar. 17, 1830. This was part of Phillips' Gore, being "all that part of the east corner of the town of Otisfield . . . situated east of Thompson Pond, together with a strip of land belonging to the State, lying between said Otisfield and the town of Poland, (which tract of territory is bounded on the west and northwest by Thompson Pond, south and southwest by Poland, and east and northeast by Oxford)" [Spurr, History of Otisfield, p. 8].

Land set off to form Naples, Mar. 4, 1834. This was all that part of Otisfield lying "southwest of the centre of Crooked River" [Spurr, History of Otisfield, p. 9].

Land set off to Naples, July 27, 1848. This was that part of Otisfield bounded as follows: "beginning on Crooked River, at the northerly side of lot number ten: thence by said line and the northerly side line of lot number nine, to the most northerly corner of said lot: thence following the line between lots numbered nine and eight; two and three; three and one hundred seventy three, and between lots numbered one hundred seventy five and one hundred seventy two, to the line between Casco and Otisfield; thence following said last named line until it strikes Crooked River; thence up said river to the point of beginning" [Spurr, History of Otisfield, p. 8].

Land annexed from Poland, Mar. 20, 1858. This was a tract of about 47 acres bounded as follows: "northerly by the Oxford county line; southwesterly by the easterly line of the town of Otisfield; and southeasterly by Thompson Pond." Also a tract bounded as follows: "commencing at the northeast corner of Casco; thence by the line between said Otisfield and Poland in a northeasterly direction about 84 rods; thence southeasterly by the line between said Otisfield and Poland about one hundred and twelve rods to land belonging to Edward Scribner of said Casco; thence by the southerly boundary of said Scribners land to the easterly line of said Casco; thence northwesterly by the line between said Poland and Casco to the first mentioned bounds" [Spurr, History of Otisfield, p. 9].

Land annexed from an unincorporated gore, Mar. 20, 1933. This was a tract to the southeast of Otisfield, west of Thompson Pond.

Town set off from Cumberland to Oxford County, July 4, 1978.

Villages and locations: Otisfield, Bolster's Mills, East Otisfield, Otisfield Gore, Chambers Corner, Gould Corner, Spurr's Corner, Wright Corner, Rayville, Dunkertown. Historic villages include Jugtown, Wardwellville, Hancockville, and Swampville.

Neighboring towns and townships: Norway, Oxford, Poland (in Androscoggin County), and Casco, Naples, and Harrison (all in Cumberland County).

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