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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aroostook War Company, Raised in Rumford and Adjoining Towns

Source: William Berry Lapham, History of Rumford [] (Augusta Me.: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1890), pp. 165f.
The following is a list of Captain Joshua T. Hall's company of infantry for the protection of the northeastern frontier, which was mustered into service March 6, 1839, and discharged March 29, 1839. John C. Stockbridge was Ensign, and John M. Adams, Orderly Sergeant. The men from Rumford and adjoining towns:

John C. Stockbridge, John M. Adams, John B. Holman, George K. Smith, Enoch Stiles, George A. Ray, Moulton Ellis, Jr., John W. Dearborn, Rathous B. Waite, Albert G. Glines, William Andrews, James Andrews, Horatio N. Abbot, Jonathan A. Bartlett, William Bailey, James S. Boynton, Simeon Brackett, George Dolly, Abner H. Elliot, William French, Enos A. Hutchins, Kimball Hall, Asa Hardy, Abiathar C. Jennings, Aaron H. Lufkin, Azel Lovejoy, James Lamb, Silas McKenney, Ezra Noyes, Luther Rich, Alsworth Tainter, John Shackley, Benjamin Stevens, Elbridge Tucker, Stephen Virgin, John Winter, Hiram Young, William P. Frost, Ashur Burns, Rufus S. Royal and John I. Cross.


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