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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Advertisement for Maine Lands, 1788

Source: Cumberland Gazette of Portland, Me., July 3, 1788.
Eastern Lands for Sale.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The Subscribers appointed a Committee to sell the unappropriated Lands belonging to the Commonwealth, and laying within the counties of York, Cumberland and Lincoln, do hereby notify the Public—

That there are for sale, large and valuable tracts of land, situated between the Highlands and the Atlantick Ocean, from north to south; and between the River St. Croix and the State of Newhampshire, from east to west. The many fine rivers which have their sources in that tract, among which are the Rivers Kennebec and Penobscot, running nearly parrallel [sic], at about forty miles distance, above one hundred and fifty miles within the county above described, and navigable for vessels of almost any burthen for near fifty miles,—the great number of excellent harbours on the sea coast, their neighbourhood to the fishing banks of Newfoundland,—the large quantities of salmon, shad and alewives in the rivers, and the great plenty of valuable pine and other timber, give the fairest prospect that this country will in a very few years become the principal source from whence the Westindia Islands will draw their supplies. No country is better calculated for grazing, and the great improvements made in agriculture, within the last ten years, eidence that the soil is exceedingly good, and capable of producing wheat, rye, Indian corn, flax, peas, potatoes and every species of vegetables which grow in any of the Newengland States. Besides lumber, fish, potatoes, beef, butter, peas and flaxseed, have already become articles of exportation, and in a few years will be added thereto, cheese, barley, hemp and flax.

The above lands will be laid out in townships, of six miles square, and will be sold by the township, half township, or mile square, as may best suit the purchaser, and the consolidated notes of this Commonwealth received as payment.

When it is considered that a township of six miles square, between the rivers Kennebec and Penobscot, is ordered by the government to be laid out and appropriated for the building and supporting a publick Seminary of Learning,—that in each town, there are reserved for lots of three hundred and twenty acres each, for publick uses, and that the lands are exempted from all State taxes for ten years, the Committee flatter themseles that the most valuable tracts will find a ready sale. Every application will be duly attended to, and every person who may be inclined to purchase, as far as possible, accommodated, by applying to

SAMUEL PHILLIPS, jun. at Andover, (county of Essex,
NATHANIEL WELLS, at Wells, (county of York,
LEONARD JARVIS, at Boston, (county of Suffolk,
JOHN REED, at Roxbury, (county of Suffolk,
DANIEL CONY, at Hallowell, (county of Lincoln,

N.B. Any of the above lands will be sold to any Foreigner who shall contract to settle thereon, in three years from the purchase, one or more families to every mile square.

Boston, June 18, 1788.


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