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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Warrant for First Meeting of Proprietors of Sudbury Canada (Later Bethel)

Source: The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal, issue of Jan. 2, 1769.
Province of Massachusetts Bay, December 28, 1768.
To the Honorable SAMUEL DANFORTH, Esq., one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace throughout the Province aforesaid.

The Subscribers humbly shew to your Honor, That the Great and General Court of the province aforesaid, at the session on the ninth day of June last, granted to Josiah Richardson, and his associates, a township of land, of the contents of six miles and three quarters square; to be laid out in the unappropriated lands in the said province, on the easterly side of Saco river; one half of which township is now laid out, on the easterly side of said river, and bounded westerly on the same : And the other half is laid out on Andrew-scogging river; and that a legal meeting of said proprietors is now necessary in order to bring forward the same.

We the proprietors of said lands, therefore pray your Honor would be pleased to grant us a warrant, for a legal meeting of the said proprietors, and the same to direct to some one of the said proprietors, requiring him to warn said proprietors to meet at such time and place as you shall judge most convenient.

And as in Duty bound, shall ever pray.
Josiah Richardson,
Nathaniel Sparhawk,
Peter Bent,
John Cogin,
Thomas Harrinton,
Abraham Hide.

} Proprietors.

Province of Massachusetts Bay.
To Major Josiah Richardson of Sudbury, in the County of Middlesex, one of the principal Proprietors of the Township aforesaid. Greeting.

YOU are in his Majesty's name hereby required, to warn and give notice to the proprietors of the lands aforesaid, to meet at the dwelling-house of Elisha Wheeler innholder in Sudbury, on the first day of February next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to act on the following articles, viz. To choose a Moderator, Clerk, Assessors, Collector or Collectors, Treasurer, and a Committee to warn meetings of said proprietors for the future as there may be occasion[.] And also to grant such sum or sums of money as may be necessary for carrying on the settlement of said lands. Likewise to choose any committee or committees that may be thought needful, and to transact any other matters that the said proprietors judge necessary. And make a true return of this warrant, with your doings thereon, at the time and place abovementioned for said meeting.
Given under my Hand and Seal, the Twenty-eighth Day of December, Anno Dom. 1768, and in the Ninth Year of his Majesty's Reign.
S. DANFORTH, Justice of the
Peace thro-out the Province aforesaid.
IN Pursuance of the foregoing Warrant, the Proprietors of the Lands thereon mentioned, are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Time and Place and for the Purposes set forth in the foregoing Petition.
Sudbury, Decem. 28, 1768. JOSIAH RICHARDSON.


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