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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Unsuccessful Petition for Incorporation of Hiram

Source: Jenks' Portland Gazette, issue of Apr. 6, 1801.
To the Hon. Senate, and the Hon. House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled, at January Session, A. D. 1801.
THE Petition of the Subscribers humbly sheweth, that your petitioners, inhabitants of the Plantation now called Hiram, in the County of York, together with the inhabitants of a tract of land on the eastern side of Saco River, and adjacent to Brownfield, commonly called Brown's addition, and also Prescot's grant, humbly sheweth—That your petitioners labor under various grievances in consequence of our present unincorporated situation; and whereas the said tracts of land are so situated that the inhabitants thereon can never be any better accommodated than to become one incorporation. The inhabitants of Brown's addition, are situated so remote from the majority of the inhabitants of Brownfield, which renders it inconvenient for the former to stand in connection with the latter, as the travel to public meetings (by the nearest route) will be as much as six miles, and those who may hereafter settle on said tract would doubtless have to travel ten or twelve miles on every public occasion, which, together with the badness of the roads renders the grievances great, laborious and expensive. The plantation of Hiram being small and insufficient for a town of itself, and there being no other tract of land, except the aforesaid addition, which can be added thereunto with convenience, the principal inhabitants thereof are situated by the side of Saco River, as is also the situation of the inhabitants of the addition, and that considerably compacted. The plans herewith presented will be more fully descriptive of the premises.

WE therefore pray you Honors that an act may pass the Legislature to incorporate the aforesaid tracts of land, together with the inhabitants thereon, into a town by the name of ______ with all the immunities and privileges which other towns enjoy by law; and as in duty bound your petitioners shall ever pray.
and thirty three others.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
In Senate, Feb. 25 1801.
ON the petition of Timothy Cutler and others, inhabitants of the plantation of Hiram, Brown's addition, and Prescot's grant, praying that said tracts of land may be incorporated into a town.

Ordered, that the petitioners publish an attested copy of their petition with this order thereon, to be published, three weeks successively in Jenks' Portland Gazette, the last publication to be thirty days at least before the second Wednesday of the first Session of the next General Court, that all persons interested may then appear and shew cause (if any they have) why the prayer of the said petition should not be granted.
Sent down for concurrence,
In the House of Representatives, March 4, 1801.
Read and concurred,
A true copy
Attest.—EDW. P. HAYMAN, Clerk of Senate.


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