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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Traveling to Livermore, 1772

Washburn notes the following about the following journal entries — made during a trip to lay out lots on the east side of the Androscoggin at Livermore in September and October, 1772, by Ebenezer Waters, surveyor, Elijah Livermore and Richard Woodward, chainmen, and Capt. Ebenezer Learned and Thomas Fish:
It is not certainly known who made these entries. They are in a small memorandum book that was in possession of Dea. Livermore; but they are not in his hand writing. There are many other entries in the book, some of which seem to been made by a "Sudbury-Canada" man. The ones here given were undoubtedly made by Ebenezer Waters, Capt. Learned, or Mr. Woodward.
Source: Israel Washburn, Notes, historical, descriptive, and personal, of Livermore, in Androscoggin (formerly in Oxford) county, Maine [] (Portland, Bailey & Noyes, 1874), p. 131.
A GOURNAL of our Journay To Lot out our Township on Androscoggen River.

Set out from Waltham for Boston Tuesday August 18, 1772, waited for fair wind till Fryday 8 of clock in the morning Then set sail in a fine Large Sloop Called the Fenix and had a very good voige Landed near Collon Lithgros miles up Kenebeck River on the next Day about four o clock Afternoon.

23 Set sail 3 o clock Afternoon went to merry meeting Bay.

24 Set sail 6 o clock morning and that Tide went to Pownalboro, next Tide went to Gardiner town.

25 Set sail 7 o clock Ran up to Bombay Hook [Hallowell] where we Ran a ground at the turn of Tide then took our stores in Boat up to Snows a mile Below Fort western. About 5 o clock Fish and I went forward about 4 mile in order to procure a battoe for our use ether to buy or make or Borrow.

26 a rainy morning spent the whole day without success.

27 our Store arrived at Winthrop about noon wee Bought boards to make a Battoo then went to Mr. Frosts about 2 mile from Wilson pond.

28 wee Hired Icabud How to help us wee paid our Teamster Mr. How and Fish began the battoo and the rest carries the stores forward toward the pond.

29 battoo finished about noon then launched into said pond and got safe over about Sunset.


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