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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thomas Fish's Third Trip to Port Royal (Livermore), 1774

Source: Israel Washburn, Notes, historical, descriptive, and personal, of Livermore, in Androscoggin (formerly in Oxford) county, Maine [] (Portland, Bailey & Noyes, 1874).

Notes in square brackets are my own.
[p. 140]
A Memarandom From Oxford to Poart Royal.
April 18 Day 1774 Sett out for Boston Dind at Grafton at Knight at waltham at Deacon Livermores.

19th to Boston to Look for a pasage Lodged at the Sign of the Lamb—Vary hard Thunder and Lightning.

20th found a passage a Board of Capt John Campbell Sloop her Name the Polly Traveled up to waltham to Deacon Livermores and thared Lodged.

21 Thusday to Boston a bying Stores Lodged at the sign of the Lamb.

22d Bying Stores and waiting for a pasage.

23 Satturday got oure Stores aboard and a q. after 8 Eight in the Evining come to Sail.

24 Sunday maid wood Island and at Six o clock in the Evening Stode in for Seguin at 12 o clock com to an anker in the mouth Kanebeck River at Knight

25th Nine o the clock in the morning come to Saile the wind a head beat up the River about five mile the tide faileing us we come too.

26 Beat up the River to Long Reach [now Bath] Left the Sloop and went up the River with Mr Suel in his Boat Arived at Mr Argaves at ten o the clock at Knight at Pownalborough [now Dresden] much vary Soar hands a Roing.

27 Road up the River against a very Swift freshet to Deacon Clarks Travelled to winthrup to hyer a Teame to fetch up our Stores hyerd Mr. Brag.

28 Back to Kenebeck River and up to Winthrup again Lodged at Mr. Whiteonge (Whitings?)

29 to Mr Hous Set out to goe to Mr Fullers Towards our town mised the Right Road and went out of our way about one mile and then struck through the woods about 4 miles in order to Strike a bridge cald craiggs Bridge and Struck within Ten Rods of said bridge kiled one patterage on our march Encampt by fullers meadow Vary Rany Day Rany Knight Mr Willington Taken not well

[p. 141]
Satturday went to Shoe Mr Ballard our town Line we left Mr John Badcock with Mr Willington Vary Rany Returnd to our camp found Mr Willington Violently Seized with a pain in his head and much Distresd at his Stummuch got him into Mr Braggs.

May ye 1st Sunday. Rany went to Mr hows to Lodg. While I am now writting I heard credabbly that 4 men were Drownded at Versalborough [Vassalborough] Lieut Warring from Pepperell Deacon Browns Son of Concord the others unnone to me.

2d Day went to Mr. Hopkins after my Instrements Left behind in our chist Bought a vary (large?) pack, come to Mr Chndlers (Chandlers) found Mr Willington moved from Mr Braggs to Mr Chandlers vary sick and Staid with him this Knight.

3 Day measured the Road from Mr Chandlers and markd every mile on the Tree that it come out against on the Tres the South Side of the Road found the Road to be 18 mile and ½ wanting 13 Rod found our people campt whare 30 mile River empties into grait Ammasoggen pond [now Androscoggin Lake].

4 Day Set out with part of our Stores and crosed Ammascoggen Pond went Down Dead River to greait Ammascoggen River Land our Stores and fired 2 guns for a token that we had arived and with much Joy thay Recved the token and maid the best of thare way to us for they haud Not Eat any victules cooked with water.

5 Day Set out to Run a line to the west part of our town.

6 Day Surveying and Saw Some Ice in a back cove of our River Laid on the Bank by the freshet out of the Sun.

7 Day went up the River and found all things well at my chest and Deacon Livermore well at his camp.


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