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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thomas Fish's Second Trip to Port Royal (Livermore), 1773

Source: Israel Washburn, Notes, historical, descriptive, and personal, of Livermore, in Androscoggin (formerly in Oxford) county, Maine [] (Portland, Bailey & Noyes, 1874).

Notes in square brackets are my own.
[p. 139]
Journal of a second visit to Port Royal in 1773.
August 23 Day* To winthoop [Winthrop] to attend Town meeting to Se if thay would Lay out road to meat ours 29 Sunday 30th at Town meting 31 monday hom againe.

Sept. 3 Day 1773 To vew the Road Mr How markd to Se if I cold not Sheer the Swamppy land But found Noe way Nor found Noe way to crose fishes Brook with a bridge.

4 Day to the Southard of the marks but found Noe way for the Road to goe Near the marks.

6 Day up fishes Brook and found it could Be pased by a Bridge about 1 mile ½ from the River Struck of for Bever Brook and found whare it could be forded about 2 miles from the River.

7 Day marked from fishes Brooks to Bever Dito and vewd to Se if the Road could come from fishes Brook to the River and found vary good Land for a Road.

8 Day went to Beaver Brook and markd E S E and Struck our Town Line about 3 miles from grate Andarsscoggen Pond and went to 30 miles River to Se if the Road could Not goe further to the E and North to Bring it Strait with my marks but found a vary Swamp.

9 Day Tuck a beach hill Near the Town Line and found it went up with a modret assent and Doun with a modret Desent and markd North about 2 miles to Beaver Brook and Struck my marks about half a mile to the west of our Town Line.

Octobr 5, 1773 to wintrup to Let out and See a Bout a Bridge.

6 Up to Mr Craigg Let out the Bridge to Mr Craigg Struck of west and By Southard and Struck Brags Lot.

7 Day home and vewed the Road with Mr How.

*Major Fish seems to have returned to Maine in August.

[p. 140]
Recd of Capt Brown Mr whitemore Mr googe peirse commite to Phips Cannayday [now Jay and Canton]
4 axes
Markd S. W.
Recd at Poart Royal
to take care of
but not to

Octobr ye 12d

2 Md Huds W
1 Meat Tub
1 Butter Dito
2 Keggs Mkd A. B.
1 Box of Mr Ivory


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