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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stow, Oxford County, Maine

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Composed of Fryeburg Addition, Bradley and Eastman's Grant, and part of Batchelder's Grant. The first was a parcel awarded to Joseph Frye of Fryeburg when part of his original grant was found to lie in New Hampshire. The grant was petitioned for May 31, 1771, and finally confirmed Mar. 10, 1787. The second was a 1,900 acre tract granted John Bradley and Jonathan Eastman, both of Concord, New Hampshire, Oct. 29, 1788 (an additional tract was also granted them, north of the first—Lothrop Lewis' 1808 map says of 520 acres, though their total grant is said to have totaled 2,800 acres) [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:347]. The third was part of a 28,822 acre tract sold to Josiah Batchelder of Boston, Massachusetts, June 20, 1816 [Massachusetts Deeds, 5:97]. A map of these grants is available at the Stow MEGenWeb website.

Surveyed (Bradley and Eastman's Grant and all of Batchelder's Grant, then States Land) by Lothrop Lewis in 1808 [Land Office Plans, 2:33 (see also undated outline of Bradley and Eastman's Grant, made prior to 1800 [ibid., 21:23])]. Fryeburg Addition surveyed in Mar. 1774. It was resurveyed by Vere Royse in 1787, and resurveyed by Nathaniel Merrill in 1794 [Land Office Plans, 25:21, 21:13].

First known as Fryeburg Addition.

Settled, it is thought, by William Howard, prior to 1790.

First organized as Fryeburg Addition Plantation, Sept. 29, 1821.

Incorporated Jan. 28, 1833.

Neighboring towns and townships: Batchelder's Grant, Stoneham, Lovell, Fryeburg, and Chatham (in Carroll County, New Hampshire).

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Address Book

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Crouse, David A., Cemeteries, Stow, Maine, 1970. ([Bangor, Me.: D. A. Crouse, 1970).

Mitchell, Harry Edward, The Town Register: Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow and Chatham (Brunswick, Me.: H.E. Mitchell Co., 1907).

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Stow MEGenWeb Project — Includes census, cemetery, and vital records.

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