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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Remonstrance and Petition for Incorporation of Waterford

Source: Henry P. Warren, Rev. William Warren, and Samuel Warren, The History of Waterford, Oxford County, Maine (Portland Me.: Hoyt, Fogg & Donham, 1879), p. 60ff.
To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled.

Agreable to an order of the Honorable Cort of the 26th of January last, dyrecting the inhabitants of the plantation of Waterford to appear and show cors, if any they had, why the petition of Stephen Jewett and others praying that the plantation of Waterford might be incorporated by the name of Waterford, with the exception of the three most easternmost tears of lots, might not be granted. The inhabitants of the plantation aforesaid, being met in plantation meeting on the 29th of September last, voted by a majority of said meeting that Africa Hamlin, Malboro Kingman, and Nathaniel Chamberlain be a committee to remonstrate against the prayer of the said petitioners in behalf of a majority of the inhabitants of said plantation.

A true copy of the minutes.
Africa Hamlin, Clerk of Plantation

We the undersigned, being chosen as a committee to remonstrate against the above-mentioned petition, do offer the following reasons as our objections against the said prayer.

1st. Because the roads happily convean the present center; whereas by making a new one it will be inconvenient on account of ponds, etc., etc.

2d. Because a river running through said plantation will cause the inhabitants to make and maintain two extensive ridges, with little more than one tear of lots opposite said bridges adjoining the above-mentioned tear of lots.

3d. Because there are three public lots that will become amenable to taxation if transferred.

4th. Because the signers of the above-mentioned petition living in the west and north-west parts of the plantation wish to get rid of one-fifth part of the plantation for no other cause than to convean themselves with the public buildings hereafter to be erected, whereas they do not own one inch of the settling lots in the three tears of settling lots, and the owners of one hundred and eighty-two lots of land are opposed to the prayer of said petition.

5th. Because the inhabitants living on the three tears of lots are opposed to being set off.

6th. Because the owners of the soil of the three tears of lots own farms and other landed property in said plantation, and we pray that they may not be separated. These being our reasons, which we conceive will be ample sufficient to prevent the above-mentioned prayer from being granted. We however gladly submit them to your honors' better judgement and as in duty bound will ever pray.
Waterford, Oct. 27, 1796.
Com. {
Africa Hamlin,
Nath'l Chamberlain,
Malboro Kingman.

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth aforesaid in General Court assembled.

Your petitioners, being inhabitants and non-resident proprietors of the plantation of Waterford in the county of Cumberland, beg leave to inform your honors that there is between fifty and sixty families in said plantation; that the inhabitants labour under many inconveniences for want of proper authority to raise money for the support of schools and various other purposes to promote the peace and prosperity of the plantation. You petitioners therefore pray that the inhabitants of said plantation may be incorporated with the privilege of a body politick, reference being had to the confirmation of the grant of the town for the bounds of the same and as in duty bound will ever pray.

John Nurse,
Colman B. Watson,
Thaddeus Brown,
William Brown,
Ephraim Chamberlain,
Malboro Kingman,
John Atherton,
Daniel Barker,
Jacob Gibson,
John Holland,
Oliver Hale,
Abijah Brown,
Abraham Conant,
John Stevens,
Stephen Sanderson,
Reuben Whitney,
Isaac Smith,
Nathaniel Chamberlain,
David McElwain,
Joel Atherton,
David Hammond,
Abijah Swan,
Jonathan Longley,
Africa Hamlin,
Moses Stone,
Asaph Brown,
Jonathan Robbins,
Phineas Whitney,
Eli Longley,
Silas Brown,
Solomon Stone,
James Chamberlain,
Francis Gardiner,
Jotham Johnson,
James Kendall, Jr.


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