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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Petition to Make Fryeburg a Half-Shire Town

Source: Portland Gazette and Maine Advertiser, issue of Sept. 9, 1805.
To the honorable Senate and honorable House of Representatives, in General Court convened, at Boston, on the last Wednesday of May, current.
THE undersigned delagates [sic] from the towns of Fryeburgh, Brownfield, Porterfield, and Lovell, respectfully represent—that deeply impressed with a sense of justice and impartiality of this honorable Court, they deem it their right and duty, at all times, to make known their greivances [sic] and petition for a redress of the same—That the formation and constitution of the new county of Oxford, are extremely detrimental to your petitioners—that said county, was formed agreeable to the wishes of its projectors, contrary to the interest of your petitioners, and all others in the western part of said county, and without their knowledge or consent—that, although and order of notice was issued for dividing the county of York, at the south line of Lovell, about thirty miles from great Ossipee river, (the south line of the county of Oxford) and the Court of General Sessions for the county of York had appointed an agent to object to said division, unless it should be at said Ossipee river, yet relying on the uniformity of procedure of this Honorable Legislature and believing that in other cases, even of much less importance, a division could not be effected until notice had been ordered and published, nor then contrary to said notice—your petitioners expected that no division unless at said south line of Lovell, could be made, till after notice had been given to all concerned; and therefore considering objections made, before notice, premature, rested assured, that nothing could be done to their injury—That, if notice had been given, of the intended formation of a new county according to the model of the county of Oxford, well founded and powerful objections might have been made; and in all probability would have convinced this honorable court, of the impropriety of such a measure. Your petitioners lamenting their calamitous situation, and reposing full confidence in this honorable court, do therefore pray your honors, to establish Fryeburg a half shire town, in and for said county of Oxford, and that October term of the Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace may be held at said Fryeburg instead of Paris; and as in duty bound will ever pray.
Robert Bradley,
Judah Dana,
John McMillan.
} Delegates
} for

Joseph Howard, Delegate for Brownfield.
William Boynton, Delegate for Porterfield.
Abraham Andrews, Delegate for Lovell.
May 21, 1805.

In the House of Representatives, June 6, 1805.
ON the petition of the agents for the towns of Fryeburg, Brownfield, Porterfield, and Lovell—praying, that the town of Fryeburg may be established as an half shire town within and for said county of Oxford, and that the October term of the Court of Common Pleas, and General Sessions of the Peace, may be held at said Fryeburg, instead of Paris :—

ORDERED, that the petitioners cause an attested copy of their petition, with this order thereon to be published in the Portland Gazette and Eastern Argus, printed in Portland, six weeks successively, the last publication to be made thirty days, at least, before the next session of the present General Court, that all persons interested may then and there appear, and shew cause (if any they have) why the prayer of said petition should not be granted.
Sent up for concurrence,
In Senate, June 8th, 1805.

Read and concurred,
H. G. Otis, President.
True Copy—Attest,
WENDELL DAVIS, Clerk of Senate.


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