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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Petition to Annex Land to Hartford

Following is a petition by some residents of "Thomastown" in Plantation No. 1 (now Peru) to be set off to Hartford. The annexation was completed on June 20, 1807. The area was more commonly called Thompsontown.

Source: Eastern Argus of Portland, Me., issue of Apr. 16, 1807.
To the Hon. Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled.

The undersigned inhabitants of the Plantation No. 1, known by the name of Thomastown, in the county of Oxford, respectfully represent. That deeply impressed with a sense of the justice and impartiality of this Hon. Court, they deem it their right and duty at all times to make known their grievances and petition for a redress of the same. That your petitioners are the major part of the inhabitants of said plantation situated on the south east corner of said plantation lying on the north line of Hartford and the south west corner of Jay. That the situation of the Township is such, it being a gore of land left after Towns were laid out on three sides of it, that it extends from the south east to the north west corner of said Township more than twelve miles. That there is a chain of Mountains running from Hartford line west and north of your Petitioners settlements so as to cutt off all communication with the west part of the Town, unless your Petition[er]s are at an expence which they are unable to sustain in getting roads over, through or between said mountains. That the remainder of the settlers of the plantation live four miles distant from your petitioners, in the middle of the Plantation where we have no connection with them on account of the difficulties aforesaid. That the Township was purchased by different Proprietors at different times who have no connection with the other, and are under no obligation to settle their land or make any provision for settling the same, so that the prospect of having the town settled so as to make it convenient to have the town incorporated we trust is far distant. That your petitioners have lived a number of years without the enjoyment of the benefits of town order, or the privileges which incorporated towns enjoy, too many to be enumerated here, and believing that their circumstances would not be much altered were the town incorporated under their aforesaid calamities and laying contiguous to the town of Hartford, where the land will admit of roads being made at the usual expence so as to make it convenient passing to and from our settlements to Hartford. Your petition[er]s reposing full confidence in this Hon. Court, do therefore pray your honors to take their calamitous situation under your wise consideration and cut your petitioners off from Plantation No. 1 and annex us with our estates to the town of Hartford, with privileges that the inhabitants of said town enjoy, by the boundaries accompany this Petition, and as in duty bound will ever pray.
PERES ELLIS, and 11 others.
December 19, 1806
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
In Senate Feb. 2d, 1807.
ORDERED, that the Petitioners cause an attested copy of their Petition with this order thereon to be published three weeks successively in the Eastern Argus, printed at Portland, the last publication to be thirty days at last, before the second Wednesday of the first Session of the next General Court, that all persons interested may then appear and shew cause if any they have why the prayer of said petition should not be granted.
Read and concurred.
J. BACON, President.
In House of Representatives, Jan. 7, 1807.



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