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Friday, January 13, 2006

Petition for Incorporation of Brownfield

Source: Jenks' Portland Gazette, issue of Mar. 31, 1800.
To the Honorable the Senate, and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled.

THE Petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of the plantation of Brownfield, in the county of York, in the Commonwealth, humbly shews—That your Petitioners are greatly incommoded by reason of their present unincorporated situation.—That they are now unable legally to assess and raise money for the support of schools and the ministry in said plantation. That the public lands therein, viz. two College rights, a school, ministerial and parsonage right, each containing 350 acres, are unascertained—may, with impunity be trespassed upon and injured—are unproductive and unappropriated to the several purposes for which they were designed and granted. That the present situation of your petitioners subjects them to the abovementioned, and many other inconveniences—deprives them of the inestimable privileges enjoyed by the inhabitants of incorporated towns, which grievances can only be redressed by an act of incorporation. Wherefore your Petitioners pray that the plantation of Brownfield, as originally granted, and according to the plan herewith exhibited, may be incorporated into a township by the name of Dover, and be entitled to all the privileges therefrom naturally resulting; and as in duty bound shall ever pray.
December 20, A. D. 1799.
Joseph Howard,
William Webster,
Amos Door,
John B. Miller,
Samuel Mansfield,
Jonathan Gibson,
Francis Kimball,
John How,
Zadock Wright,
Zechariah Gibson,
Dudley Bean,
David Millen,
Daniel Tyler,
Timothy Gibson,
Joshua Ames,
Timothy Gibson, jun.
James Howard, jun.
William Lane,
Joshua Snow,
James Bean,
John Lane,
Asa Osgood,
James Howard,
Samuel Mansfield, jun.
Wilson Howard,
Thomas W. Wood.

In SENATE, January 15 1800.
On the Petition of Joseph Howard and others, inhabitants of Brownfield, in the county of York, praying that said plantation may be incorporated into a town:

Ordered, That the Petitioners cause an attested copy of their Petition, with this Order thereon, to be published three weeks successively in the Portland Gazette, published by Elezer A. Jenks, the last publication to be forty days at least before the second Thursday of the first session of the next General Court, that all persons interested may then appear and shew cause (if any they have) why the prayer of said Petition should not be granted.
Sent down for concurrence,
In the House of Representatives, Jan. 15, 1800.
Read and concurred,
True copy—Attest,
EDWARD M'LANE, Clerk of the Senate.


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