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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Petition for Incorporation of Three Towns

This petition asks that three new towns be incorporated from plantations and tracts south of Fryeburg, with an adjustment to the bounds of Brownfield. As a result, Denmark and Porter were incorporated as towns on Feb. 20, 1807, and Hiram made a district having all the privileges of a town save representation in the General Court. Hiram would be incorporated as a town, June 14, 1814.

Source: Eastern Argus of Portland, Me., issue of Apr. 18, 1806.
To the Honourable Senate, and Honourable House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled, on the third Wednesday of January current.
THE Petition of the subscribers, agents from the town of Brownfield & the plantations of Hiram and Porterfield, and the Academy Grants and Foster's Gore, humbly shews, that the aforesaid Plantations and Grants of Land, with the town of Brownfield, all in the fourth part of the County of Oxford, are sufficiently large and commodiously situated to form Four Townships That the inhabitants of said town, plantations and grants, have by their committees, duly appointed at legal meetings, called for that purpose, mutually agreed to divide said town, plantations and grants, and to have said plantations and grants incorporated with a part of said Brownfield into three towns, and Broomfield [sic] aforesaid, to remain a town with a part of Porterfield aforesaid, instead of that part of Brownfield, which is to be incorporated with said grants and Hiram, agreeable to the plan & description of the town, plantations and grants aforesaid, herewith exhibited. Your petitioners further state, that they cannot enjoy in their present situation privileges, which are incident to and enjoyed by their fellow-citizens, in towns corporate;—that the situation of the inhabitants in said plantations and grants, would be ameliorated by being incorporated, with town privileges in manner aforesaid;—that the town of Brownfield has consented to said agreement;—that the said Brownfield and Porterfield have agreed that each shall retain the public lands in proportion to other lands each shall retain. Your petitioners therefore pray that the Honorable General Court would incorporate said town, plantations and grants, agreeable to the plan and description accompanying this petition. And as in duty bound will ever pray.



Agent appointed for Hiram.
{ Agents appointed
{ for Porterfield.
{ Agent appointed for Acad'y
Grants & Foster's Gore.
{ Agent appointed by
January 8, 1806.

In SENATE, Feb. 5, 1806.
On the petition of JOHN PEIRCE & others, Agents for the Plantations of Hiram and Porterfield, and the Academy Grants and Foster's Gore, and the town of Brownfield, in the County of Oxford, praying that they may be incorporated into Four Towns, agreeable to a Plan by them exhibited.

Ordered, That the petitioners cause an attested copy of their petition, with this Order thereon, to be published in the Eastern Argus, printed at Portland, three weeks successively, the last publication to be made twenty days at least before the second Wednesday of the next General Court, that all persons interested may then appear, and shew cause, if any they have, why the prayer of said Petition should not be granted.
Sent down for concurrence,
H. G. OTIS, President.
In the House of Representatives, Feb. 7, 1806.
Read and concurred, T. Bigelow, Speaker.
True Copy—Attest, W. DAVIS, Clerk of Senate.


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