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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Petition for Incorporation of Fryeburg

Source: John Stuart Barrows, Fryeburg, Maine: an Historical Sketch. (Fryeburg, Me.: Pequawket Press, 1938), p. 102f.
Colony of Massachusetts Bay.
To the Honorable General Court, convened at Watertown, the 22 day of Nov. Anno Domini 1776:

The Petition of the subscribers, Inhabitants of a new Township formerly granted by the General Court of said colony, to Joseph Frye, Esq., humbly sheweth that we have fully performed the conditions said Grant in every respect—having at least sixty-three families settled on said Grant, who have lately called and settled a Learned & Orthodox Minister of the Gospel according to the usages of the Churches of this Colony. That we labor under various difficulties and disadvantages, for want of a Legal Incorporation being unable as a corporate society to provide for the support of our said Minister, In the manner usually practiced by the several Towns and Parishes in the Colony, or to provide a school for the instruction and education of our youth, whereby the rising Generation among us are in danger of growing up an uncultivated race, much to the publick damage as well as grief to their parents; as also Incapable of establishing and repairing necessary Highways as well for the publick as our own use; as also doing many other Corporate Acts necessary for the well ordering of Society, We therefore humbly pray that the Honorable Court would be pleased to take our case into consideration and afford us relief by Incorporating us according to the limits of our Grant or Grants thereby, vesting with the Privileges which other Incorporated Towns in this Colony do by Law enjoy and your Petitioners shall as in duty bound ever pray.

Non Proprietors.
Joseph Walker
Aaron Abbott
Joseph Emery
Jonathan Hutchins
Samuel Bradley
Job Eastman
Samuel Walker
William Eaton (2)
Peter Allen
Abraham Russell
Edward Cutler
James Parker
John Stevens
Jonathan Dresser
John Chandler
Stephen Dresser
John Bolt Miller (2)
Jacob Colby
John Becknell
John Becknell, Jr.
Richard Eastman
Hezekiah Asten
William Wiley
Daniel Farrington
Joseph Frye
Stephen Knight
James Swan
John Farrington
David Evans
Moses Day
Samuel Osgood
Stephen Farrington
Ezra Carter
Isaac Walker
Timothy Walker
Abraham Bradley
John Charles
Abner Charles
Benj'n Russell
Simon Frye
Ezekiel Walker
Ebenezer Day
Samuel Charles
Moses Ames
Nat'l Merrill
John Evans
David Day


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