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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Petition For and Grant of Land Later Fryeburg

The township first laid out for Joseph Frye, by virtue of the following grant, was later found overlap the New Hampshire border. 4,144 acres were taken off from the northwest corner of the township, and Colonel Frye compensated with a grant of land north of his original grant, called "Fryeburg Addition." This was later incorporated as part of Stow.

Source: John Stuart Barrows, Fryeburg, Maine: an Historical Sketch [] (Fryeburg, Me.: Pequawket Press, 1938), p. 30ff.
Province of the Massachusetts Bay.
To his Excellency, the Governor of said Province; To the Hon. His Majesty's Council & House of Representatives, in General Court assembled, Nov. 11th, 1761.
The Petition of Joseph Frye humbly sheweth that your Petitioner having been informed if your Excellency & Honours should see cause to dispose of any of the wilderness lands belonging to this Province it was probable it would be by sale, takes leave to inform you that between the uppermost settlements on the Saco river in the County of York, and the Mountains above Pigwacket there are sundry Tracts of land not yet disposed of which (in the opinion of your Petitioner) would make considerable good settlements for husbandmen, & as a settlement pretty well advanced up the said river would naturally bring the rest of said lands into the esteem of such men & consequently render them more valuable to the Government. He humbly offers to bring forward the same & if your Excellency & Honours see fit to approve the offer of your Petitioner He humbly prays you will please to grant him liberty to purchase a tract of land sufficient for a Township in some place between a river running into Saco river, called Great Ossipee & the Mountains above mentioned, with liberty to make his pitch within said limits & to return to your Excellency & Honours a draft of the same in such a term of time as you shall think proper to order him, but inasmuch as your Petitioner has spent the prime of his life in the defence of his Country, viz. the last war from the beginning of the year until the settlement of Peace, and the present war from the year 1754 last December (saving a suspension of eighteen months occasioned by his falling into the hands of the Enemy, when Fort William Henry was taken & by which he suffered a heavy loss), He humbly hopes your Excellency & Honours will please to grant him such lands upon something easier terms than other wise he could have flattered himself with.
(signed) Joseph Frye.

Upon the Petition of Joseph Frye, Esq., praying for a grant of lands the following order passed, viz.—

Voted and resolved. That the prayer of the Petitioner Joseph Frye, Esq., be so far granted as that he may have liberty to lay out a Township of the contents of six miles square, in some place on the other side of Saco river between the river called Great Ossipee & the Mountains above Pequawket, & to make his pitch within said limits where it may not interfere with any former grant & that he return a plan of the same within six months after the first day of March instant, if the General Court be then sitting or at the first time of their sitting thereafter to have it confirmed, & that he also do give Bond with sufficient security to the Province Treasurer or to his successor, to settle the same with sixty good families each of which in the term of five years from the grant to have built a good house of twenty feet by eighteen & seven feet stud, have cleared for pasturage or tillage seven acres each & that they also out of the premises grant one sixty-fourth part to the first ordained Protestant Minister, one sixty-fourth part for the use of a Parsonage forever, one sixty-fourth part for the use of Harvard College in Cambridge forever, & one sixty-fourth part for the use of a school forever within the said Town & further that the said Joseph Frye give Bond with sufficient security to the Treasurer to pay to him or his successor for the use of the Province one hundred pounds lawful money witin twelve months from the date of the confirmation of the grant & that the Town shall within ten years have a Protestant Minister settled among them.
Sent up for concurrence,
James Otis, Speaker.
In Council, March 3d, 1762, Read and concurred,
A. Oliver, Sect'y.
Consented to Fra Bernard
Copy examined,
per John Cotton,
Dept. Sect'y.


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