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Monday, January 09, 2006

Pension File of Supply Walker, Late of Fryeburg

Source: Revolutionary War Pension File W25916.
I William Evans of Fryeburg in the County of Oxford & State of Maine depose testify & say that I was born at said Fryeburg on the 11th of April 1765 and the first white male child born in said Town. That I was acquainted with Supply Walker late of this town, and that he was own cousin to my father. That previous to the American Revolutionary War, said Supply married Rachel Walker, widow of Timothy Walker, and he was also cousin to my father and to said Supply. Said Supply with two of his brothers and many others were according to my best recollection, enlisted, but not during the war, by Joseph Pettingill, at said Fryeburg, and with his brothers Timothy & Jesse were in the army untill after the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, & were at said surrender. Said Supply at a later period enlisted but not at Fryeburg, for the war, and I think in the year 1780 as he informed me. [A]nd about that time I also, with his brother Timothy, enlisted in the militia, while said Supply was in the Continentals. At the close of the war, said Supply was discharged & returned to Fryeburg, and resided there till some time previous to the last war with Great Britain, when he was accidentally killed on a Journey, as was always said and believed. I was always well acquainted with said Supply, and said wife Rachel Walker, whose maiden name, as I think, was Stevens. I always understood that said Supply originally came from Billerica Massachusetts. Said Supply had but one wife, and three children, viz two daughters who died unmarried, and one son, Timothy Walker now or lately of Denmark in said County of Oxford.
(Signed) William Evans
Subscribed this eleventh day of February
AD eighteen hundred & fifty one
in presence of
Carlton Hurd
A. R. Bradley
State of Maine
County of Oxford SS.
On this fifth day August A.D. 1845 personally appeared before the Honorable Lyman Rawson Judge of the Court of Probate for the County of Oxford & State of Maine in open court being a court of Record Timothy Walker a resident of Denmark in the county of Oxford & State of Maine aged sixty six years who being fast duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 4 1836 that he is the only child & heir at Law of Rachael Walker late of Denmark aforesaid who was the widow of Supply Walker who I believe was a private corporal or serjeant in the war of the Revolution & who as I then believed served as set forth in my application to Secretary of Massachusetts made on 3d day of April AD 1845 but who as I now suppose served as set forth in the certificate issued on said application dated July 9th 1845 which said application & certificate are hereunto annexed. He further declares that she the said Rachael Walker was married to the said Supply Walker on the some day of ______ — seventeen hundred & seventy four[,] that her husband & my father the aferesaid Supply Walker died on some day of ______ eighteen hundred & ten and that she the said Rachael Walker remained a widow ever since that period to the time of her death which was on the twenty first day of August eighteen hundred and thirty six as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereunto annexed.
(Signed) Timothy Walker


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