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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oxford Soldiers in the Aroostook War

Source: Marquis Fayette King, Annals of Oxford, Maine, from its incorporation, February 27, 1829 to 1850... (Portland, Me., 1903), p. 59f. Given names and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching.
The militia of the town at this time, were enrolled in two companies, attached to the First Reg't, First Brig., and Sixth Division.

Company A, Infantry, was officered by William F. Welch, Captain, Samuel Chadbourne, Lieutenant and John S. French, Ensign.

Company B, Light Infantry, (uniformed) was officered by Luther Carman, Captain, John J. Perry, Lieutenant and John G. Burns, Ensign.

The draft was made by lot on the 26th day of February, and the conscripts were notified to appear at Augusta on Wednesday the 6th of March [1839]. The rolls on file in the archives of the State have names of those from Oxford, as follows:—

Charles P. Brooks
William E. Brooks
David Cates
James W. Chaplin
Benjamin Courser
Solomon Crockett
Jonathan Crooker
Cyrus Dean
Joseph F. Emery
Seth H. Faunce
Joseph French (Serg.)
Charles P. Fuller
Newell Gammon
Wm. P. Hanson (Serg.)
John Hawkins
Sidney Hayes
Benjamin Hill
Simeon Keene
Thomas Libby
Thaddeus R. Knight (Corp.)
Luther Linnell
Nathaniel Lord
Harrison G. Perkins (Serg.)
William M. Perkins
Alanson S. Pratt
Solon Rawson
John Rich
Reuben Rich, Jr.
Jonathan Richards
Joseph Russell
Nathaniel Sampson (Corp.)
George M. Smith
Hanson Tarbox
Nathaniel Taylor
Abner Thayer
Ebeaezer Thayer [sic]
Henry A. Woodward
Amos Worke
Daniel B. Yeaton

The troops were recalled and disbanded April 20th; the Treasurer of State paid the town's expences March 16, 1840, as follows:—subsistance $3., transportation and forage $26., camp equipage and utensils $5.60, blankets $9., contingent $28.65, interest $3.60, total $75.85, and subsequently the National Government appropriated to the State $200,000. reimbursement of expenses.


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