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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Notice of Meeting of Proprietors of Sudbury Canada (Later Bethel)

Source: The Boston Gazette, and The Country Journal, issue of June 6, 1785.
The Proprietors of a township of land known by the name of Sudbury Canada, lying on Amaroscoggin River, in the county of Cumberland, granted by the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay, to Josiah Richardson, Esq. and others, on the 9th Day of June, A.D. 1768 are hereby notified and warned, to meet at the Dwelling House of Lieut. Jonathan Clark, in said township, on Wednesday the 22d Day of June next, at Nine o'Clock, A.M. for the following Purposes, viz.

1st. To choose a Moderator.—2dly. A Clerk.—3dly. A Treasurer.—4thly. A committee for sale of delinquent proprietors land.—5thly. Assessors.—6thly. A committee to examine all accounts brought in against said proprietors, and to give orders on the Treasurer if found just, and to make a report to the Proprietors of the same.—7thly. To choose a committee to examine the Treasurer's accounts, so as to be able to make a report at every meeting or at the adjournment of the same, if necessary.—8th. To chuse a committee to call meetings when found necessary. —9th. To chuse a committee to clear and mend roads in said township, and on the ways to said township.—10th. To chuse a committee to new run the lines round the interval lots in said township.—11th. To chuse a collector or collectors, as shall be tho't necessary.—12th. To chuse a committee to lay out some suitable piece of land for to fit a meeting-house or houses and some suitable place for a burying place or places ; also some suitable place or places for school house or houses, to be set.—13th. To choose any committee that may be thought necessary by said proprietors for any purpose whatever.—14. Grant such sum or sums of money as shall be thought necessary by said proprietors to build a meeting-house or houses, a school-house or houses, clearing roads and new-running lines in said township ; and paying any former debts that has been contracted by said proprietors.—15. To see if the proprietors will grant any money to hire preaching in said township.

May 26,


} Committee
} for calling
} Meetings.

N.B. The Sale of Delinquent Proprietors Land in said Township, stands adjourned to the abovesaid 22d Day of June next, at Three o'Clock Afternoon.


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