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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Notice Concerning Hebron's Bounds, 1792

Source: Eastern Herald of Portland, Me., issue of June 4, 1792.
WHEREAS the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, did on the twenty fourth day of June, A. D. 1779, grant unto Alexander Shepard, jun. and to his heirs, a tract of land lying in the county of Cumberland, and did prefix the first bound of said grant at a stake and stones seven miles and a quarter north west from a beach tree standing in the head line of Newgloucester, which tree is four miles north east from the most westerly corner of said Newgloucester, and from said stake and stones twelve miles northeast; and that the said grant was on the fifth day of March, A. D. 1792, incorporated into a town by the name of Hebron ; and although several surveyors have been employed to run and measure the aforesaid lines, yet neither of them began their survey at the beforementioned beach tree, by which means the first bound of said town has never been erected in its proper place; and it being the duty of the Selectmen of said town to run the lines and establish the bound of said town—This is to give public notice to all persons concerned, that the Selectmen, or the major part of them, will meet on Monday the twenty fifth day of June next, at the dwelling house of John Kilby Smith, Esq. innholder in Newgloucester, at one of the clock, P. M. on said day, at which time and place all persons owning land adjoining the town of Hebron, on the line running northeast from the beforementioned stake and stones, are notified to give their attendance, and from thence to proceed with the Selectmen to the beach tree beforementioned, standing in the head line of Newgloucester, and from thence to run and measure seven miles Northwest, and there erect a monument agreeably to the incorporation of said town.
Dated at Hebron, May 25, A. D. 1792.

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