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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hiram, Oxford County, Maine

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Composed of four grants, with additional land later annexed. Wadsworth's Grant (7,800 acres in the western part of town) was made to General Peleg Wadsworth, Mar. 10, 1790 [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:355]. A triangular parcel in the southeastern part of town, at the junction of the Saco and Great Ossipee Rivers, was in 1795 claimed by Col. Josiah Waters as agent for the heirs of William Phillips. Timothy Cutler was granted land southwest of the Saco River, known as Cutler's Lower Grant, Nov. 20, 1787 (conveyed Jan. 27, 1789) [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:341]. This was granted, with another in Porterfield (later Porter), as compensation for another tract of which Cutler was disseized, and measured 2,200 acres. Prescott's Grant contained 800 acres east of the Saco, 193¾ acres of which were sold to Seth Spring of Biddeford, Maine, Feb. 24, 1814 [Massachusetts Deeds, 6:279].

Surveyed (two tracts comprising the southerly part of the town) by Vere Royse in 1783, at the request of Nathaniel Merrill and others [Land Office Maps, 2:11]. Wadsworth Grant was surveyed by Samuel Titcomb, Jan. 1790 (see the plan made from this survey in 1795, submitted by Peleg Wadsworth [Massachusetts Deeds, 21:16]). Cutler's Grant was surveyed by Bracey Banks in 1788 [Land Office Plans, 2:7 (see also the plan made by Nathaniel Merrill from this survey in 1795 [21:12])]. That part known as Prescott's Grant was first surveyed by Benjamin Prescott, and resurveyed by Lothrop Lewis in 1809 [Land Office Plans, 2:4]. See also the plan of Prescott's Grant dated Nov. 25, 1816 [Land Office Plans, 25:60]. A plan which accompanied an unsuccessful petition for incorporation in 1801 shows all the grants of which Hiram would later be composed [Land Office Plans, 25:25].

First known as Great Ossipee.

Settled by Benjamin Ingalls, who came on Aug. 5, 1774. Daniel Foster, Abial Messer, John Curtis, and Ebenezer Herrick are said to have laid out their lots in the fall of 1774.

First organized as Hiram Plantation. Named in honor of Hiram, King of Tyre, by Peleg Wadsworth and Capt. Charles C. Wadsworth—it is said by the toss of a coin. Timothy Cutler is said also to have been a participant in the naming.

Incorporated Feb. 27, 1807, as a district, having all the privileges of a town save representation in the General Court, by petition dated Jan. 8, 1806.

Incorporated June 14, 1814.

Land annexed from Baldwin, Feb. 28, 1821.

Land annexed from Baldwin, Mar. 7, 1844.

Land annexed from Brownfield, Apr. 23, 1852.

Villages and locations: Hiram Village (Hiram Bridge), East Hiram, South Hiram, Durgintown.

Neighboring towns and townships: Denmark, Brownfield, Porter; Sebago and Baldwin (both in Cumberland County); and Parsonsfield and Cornish (both in York County).

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Address Book

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Intentions of marriage and marriage records, 1815-1865 (FHL US/CAN Film 11029).

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Petition for Turnpike Road to Hiram, 1802

Hiram MEGenweb Project

Peleg Wadsworth's Great Escape

History of Hiram — From Varney's Gazetteer of the State of Maine.

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At 2:09 PM, November 17, 2015, Blogger Nina said...

I have attempted to locate a copy of History of the First Universalist Church, Hiram, Maine, 1834-1979, but have been unable to find it. Your blog uses this as a source of information. Would it be possible for you to scan a picture of the Church from the book and send that to me?

I am compiling a book, "Parting Words, the memoirs of the Reverend Zenas Thompson" (1804-1882). He mentions the construction of this church, which was built in memory of Thomas Spring, Esq, by his daughter, Miss Susan Spring. It was called the Spring Memorial Church and I would very much like to add a picture of the building.

Thank you so much!

At 4:18 PM, November 17, 2015, Blogger Chris said...

Sorry, I don't own a copy. The Maine State Library has a copy, but it doesn't circulate. I'm not sure where else it might be available.


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