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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Grant of Land Later Hebron and Oxford

Source: Marquis Fayette King, Annals of Oxford, Maine, from its incorporation, February 27, 1829 to 1850. (Portland, Me., 1903), p. 1ff.
Resolved, That there be granted to Alexander Shepard, Jr. and to his heirs, the unappropriated lands lying in the county of Cumberland in the Province of Maine, between a township of land granted to the Honorable James Warren Esq. and other, called Sylvester Canada; a township granted to Joshua Fuller and others, called No. 4; a township granted to the Honorable James Otis Esq. and others, and a township granted to Joseph Gerrish Esq. of others, called Bakerstown; containing about three square miles, exclusive of the allowance of ponds, rivers, sag of chain, etc., bounded as followeth, viz. beginning at a stake and stones in the line of Sylvester Canada aforesaid, near the bank of little Wilson pond, thence north 70 degrees west to the line of No. 4 township on the south side of Streaked mountain, thence on the line of said township to the south west corner thereof, thence on land granted to Jeremiah Green, to the north westerly corner of the township aforesaid granted to the Honorable James Otis Esq., thence on the easterly line of said township to Bakerstown, thence on said Bakerstown north line to Sylvester Canada aforesaid, thence of Sylvester Canada line to the stake and stones first mentioned.

Provided, The said Alexander Shepard Jr shall deliver in to this Court to their acceptance, on or before the last day of September next, an accurate map of all the late Province of Maine, therein distinguishing the appropriated from the unappropriated lands, the lines of the several counties, all the rivers, distinguishing how far navigable, all the islands, towns, harbors, rocks, shoals, inlets, creeks, bays, lakes, promontories, capes, mountains, peninsulas, etc. in said Province.

Provided, Also the said grantee settle ten families in said tract within ten years; and also that said tract doth not interfere with any former grant.
March 7, 1777.

["Resolve accepting Mr. Shepard's map and confirming to him the grant of 1777, passed June 24, 1779."]

Whereas, The General Court of this State, did on the seventh day of March 1777, grant unto Alexander Shepard Jr. a certain tract of land, lying in the county of Cumberland, upon certain conditions, one of which was that the said Shepard should furnish this State with an accurate plan of all the late Province of Maine, to the acceptance of the General Court; and whereas the said Shepard has executed a plan of the said Province of Maine and presents it for acceptance: therefore,

Resolved, That the said map of the late Province of Maine, presented to this Court by Alexander Shepard Jr. be, and hereby is accepted, and it is further,

Resolved, That the tract of land granted to the said Alexander Shepard, Jr. by the General Court of this State on the seventh day of March 1777, be and hereby is confirm[ed] to him the said Alexander Shepard Jr., his heirs and assigns forever, by the following bounds, viz. Begining at a stake and stones supposed to be standing in or near Thompson Pond, so called, seven miles and a quarter north west from a beach tree standing in the head line of New Gloucester and four miles north east from the north west corner of said New Gloucester; thence running north 45 degrees east, twelve miles to a white pine tree; thence running north 20 degrees east three hundred and fifty poles to a stake and stones; then turning and running north 70 degrees west four miles and a half to a beach tree; then turning and running south 14 degrees east seven hundred and thirty six poles to a pine tree; then running north 14 degrees west two miles; then turning and running south 54 degrees west twelve hundred and sixteen poles to the stake and stones first mentioned; exclusive of grants already made to Jonathan Greenleaf Esq., and J. Green; and provided it does not interfere with any former grant, and he the said Shepard fulfilling the conditions of his grant.


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