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Saturday, January 14, 2006

First Petition for Incorporation of Waterford

Source: Henry P. Warren, Rev. William Warren, and Samuel Warren, The History of Waterford, Oxford County, Maine (Portland Me.: Hoyt, Fogg & Donham, 1879), pp. 59f.
To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled, January, A. D. 1796.

The petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of the plantation of Waterford in the county of York, humbly showeth, that settlements began to be maide on this plantation about nine or ten years ago, that we have at this time upwards of sixty families, that your petitioners, like other plantations in similar circumstances, labor under many inconveniences for want of incorporation, in particular the public worship of the Deity, schooling our children, who are in danger of growing up wild and uncultivated, to the great grief of those of us who are parents, and also for want of roads, etc., etc. For these reasons and others that might be mentioned, we pray your honors that we may be incorporated into a town by the name of Waterford, according to the plan herewith exhibited, saving and excepting the three most easternmost tiers of lotts from north to south, which tiers of lotts with the settlers that are on any of them, it is our prayer that they may be set to and incorporated with the settlers of Cummings Purchase and others that may be incorporated with them, and in this last request we have no doubt but that they will join with us, as it will be much more convenient for them to be connected with the settlers on Cummings Purchase than with the inhabitants of Waterford, or otherwise relieve your petitioners as you in your wisdom shall think proper, and we as in duty bound will ever pray.
Waterford, Dec. 19, 1795.

Nathaniel Jewett,
Ebenezer Jewett,
Seth Russell,
Samuel Sampson,
David Whitcomb,
Stephen Cummings,
Eleazor Hamlin,
John Chamberlain,
Hannibal Hamlin,
Isaac Hor,
John Hor,
Abram Hor,
Joshua Sanders,
Phillip Hor,
Ephraim Davenport,
Richard Brigham,
Stephen Jewett,
Ezekiel Sanders,
Samuel Warren,
William Warren,
Thomas Green,
Daniel Green,
Daniel Chaplin,
Abijah Warren,
Benjimin Sampson,
Samuel Plummer,
Nathan Jewett,
Phineas Sampson,
Jonathan Houghton,
Israel Hale,
Samuel Brigham.


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