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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Family Record of Jonathan and Sarah Keyes of New Pennacook (Rumford)

The following account is taken from the first page of Rumford's first book of family records.
jonathan Keyes son of jonathan Keyes and Patience Keyes of Shruesbury in the County of Worcester died November the 9th 1786 aged 58 years

Sarah Keyes Daughter of Ebenezer Taylor and And [sic] Sarah Taylor of Westminster in Said County and widdow the above Deceast jonathan Keyes Died November 14th 1799 aged 75 years

the above named jonathan Keyes and sarah His wife Emigrated from the place of their nativity in march 1777 into the district of main and in november 1779 said jonathan moved His wife into this town then a wilderness And no other person had attemted to make Settlement in the town at that time nor was there more than ten families within thirty six miles of this place in august 1781 the indians did mischeaf in Bethel and Shelburn By taking prisoners and Killing two persons And on the same month the said Keyes removed to new gloster and in the year 1783 they Returned again to this town where they Continued as their Home untill their dissease


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