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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brownfield, Oxford County, Maine

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Granted to Henry Young Brown, Jan. 23, 1764 (confirmed June 7, 1764), by his petition of 1763. After a portion of the township was found to lie in New Hampshire, additional land in Maine was granted Brown, June 25, 1766. One part of this second grant, called "Brownfield Addition," lies now in Hiram and Denmark.

Surveyed (original grant) in 1764 [Land Office Plans, 25:1]. Resurveyed by Nathaniel Merrill, Dec. 1795 [Land Office Plans, 21:10]. A 320 tract formerly in Porterfield, reserved by the proprietors of Porterfield for future disposition of the government, was surveyed by Lothrop Lewis in 1816, and by James Irish in 1819 [Land Office Plans, 2:1, 2:24, 6:27].

Settled about 1765.

First organized as Brownfield Plantation, Apr. 27, 1779. [another source says 1787]

Incorporated Feb. 20, 1802, by petition dated Dec. 20, 1799.

Land set off to Fryeburg at the time of incorporation (about 2,600 acres), in response to a petition submitted in 1800.

Land annexed from Porter upon its incorporation, Feb. 20, 1807 (see petition of Jan. 8, 1806). This was that part known as Cutler's Upper Grant, another part west of this and running to the state line, and a 320 acre gore to the east adjoining the Wadsworth Grant in what was later Hiram.

Land set off to Denmark, Mar. 2, 1821.

Land annexed from Porter, Feb. 19, 1831.

Land annexed from Porter, Feb. 11, 1832.

Land set off to Hiram, Apr. 23, 1852.

Land annexed from Porter, Mar. 17, 1855.

Land set off to Denmark, Mar. 13, 1907.

Villages and locations: East Brownfield, Merrill Corner, West Brownfield.

Neighboring towns and townships: Fryeburg, Denmark, Hiram, Porter; and Eaton and Conway (both in Carroll County, New Hampshire).

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Address Book

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______, Brownfield centennial, 1802-1902 [] (Brownfield, Maine?: unknown, 1902).

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Ride to Piggwacket, 1768

1782 Advertisement for Land in Brownfield

Brownfield Teachers, 1810-1900

Brownfield Post Masters, 1802-1901

History of Brownfield — From Varney's Gazetteer of the State of Maine.

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