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Monday, January 23, 2006

Auction Notice for Land in Township C

Source: The Democrat of Boston, Mass., issue of July 9, 1806.
On THURSDAY, 17th inst.—1 o'clock,
If not previously disposed of at private sale.
At the Bunch of Grapes Tavern, in State Street, 15000 acres of undivided Wild Land, lying in the county of Oxford in the district of Maine, being part of a certain surplus of a township of land called letter C. Said township is bounded as follows—viz. on the north by Township numbered four and five in the 4th range—on the west by a township of land called letter B[;] on south by the State lands or surplus of East Andover; on the east by a township of land called letter D and a corner of Township numbered three, in the 1st Range. This Township in point of soil is superior to any adjoining, it containing but very little waste land. The title is undisputably good and a warrantee deed will be given. The terms of payment will be made to the purchaser, as a credit will by given, if requested, for part of the money.


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