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Friday, January 13, 2006

Albany Township, Oxford County, Maine

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First known as Township Number Five, as Orange Township (or Orangetown), and as Oxford Township. An undated plan of two grants made to Fryeburg Academy in 1792 refers to the township as "Oxford, formerly called Orange" [Land Office Plans, 25:2]. Rev. Paul Coffin referred to it in 1797 as "Orangetown." A deed made that same year refers to "a New Plantation call Orring in No five in the county of York and Commonwlth of Masechusets" [Oxford Deeds, 9:443].

Surveyed by Samuel Titcomb, Apr. 1788 [Land Office Plans, 2:14]. A plan was drawn by Nathaniel Chamberlain, Dec. 23, 1795 [Land Office Plans, 21:20].

Purchased Feb. 18, 1791, by Joseph Holt, John Russell, Isaac Blunt, Asa Cummings, Stephen Cummings, James Holt, Jr., Jonathan Abbott, 3rd, Nathan Abbott, Jr., Joseph Lovejoy, James Jones, Nathaniel Fay, William Chandler, Jr., Nehemiah Holt, Uriah Russell, Benjamin Goldsmith, Samuel Cogswell, all of Andover, Massachusetts; Johnson Proctor and John Lambert, both of Danvers, Massachusetts; John Jaquith, Jr., Samuel Boutell, Jude Jones, all of Wilmington, Massachusetts; and Daniel Lovejoy, Jr., of Wilton, New Hampshire.

Settled in about 1791 or 1792 (the earlier date of 1784 given in Warren's History of Waterford is not thought to refer to a permanent settlement).

First organized as Orange Plantation by 1797. Later known as Oxford Plantation.

Incorporated June 20, 1803, by petition of a committee chosen by the plantation. The townsmen had considered the name "Montgreen" before settling upon "Albany".

Land set off to Waterford, Feb. 18, 1811.

Incorporation repealed Oct. 29, 1937. Organization surrendered Nov. 20, 1937.

Now known as Albany Township, and as part of the South Oxford Unorganized Territory (with Mason Township and Batchelders Grant).

Villages and locations: Hunts Corner (Hunt's Corner), Lynchville.

Neighboring towns and townships: Bethel, Greenwood, Norway, Waterford, Stoneham, Mason Township.

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Address Book

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Mitchell, Harry Edward, and B. V. Davis, compilers, 1906 Town Register: Greenwood, Albany, Waterford, and East Stoneham. (Brunswick, Me.: H. E. Mitchell Co., 1906).

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Vital records, 1794-1944 (FHL US/CAN Film 10399): "Contains family records listing births and some deaths; tombstone inscriptions from Hunts Corner Cemetery, Songo Cemetery, York Cemetery; deaths 1806-1944; marriage records 1869-1895; intentions of marriage 1870-1891; births 1794-1885, 1892-1944."

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1906 Town Register: Waterford, Albany, Greenwood, and East Stoneham — Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

History of Albany — From Varney's Gazetteer of the State of Maine.

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