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Friday, January 13, 2006

Advertisement for Land in Township C

Source: Columbian Centinel of Boston, Mass., issue of Apr. 8, 1812.
Township of Land.
For Sale, Township Letter C, containing about 22,000 acres of LAND, situated in the western part of the District of Maine, and adjoining Lake Umbagog. Through its S. W. corner a road has been nearly made, forming part of a road from the Upper Coos to East Andover; whence there are roads both to Portland and Hallowell. The roads [sic] from Coos is continued northerly, and crosses the British lines to Umphramagag Lake. The settlement of the Townships through which this road passes in Maine and New-Hampshire, is likely to increase, and to be very considerable; and ought to recommend the Township C to the notice of persons desiring to invest money in wild lands. A small part of the money will be required on delivery of the deed; for the residue, a long credit will be given, if punctuality in the annual interest is secured. For further particulars, apply to Gideon Snow, Boston.
april 8


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