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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Advertisement for Land in No. 4 (now Carthage)

Source: Eastern Argus of Portland, Me., issue of May 21, 1812.
FOR Sale on very advantageous terms, if applied for immediately, one quarter part, (undivided) of township No. 4, in Oxford County, which lies north of and adjoining Dixfield—but six miles from Androscoggin River, and forty miles from Hallowell to the centre of said township—It is well accommodated as to roads, that are now opened through said township to large settlements which lie north of and adjoining it.

The said Township numbered four includes an immense quantity of Pine Timber of the best quality, on Land adjoining Webb's river which runs through said township—which Timber can be easily conveyed to market by the waters of the Androscoggin.

Price low and payments made easy—If requested, nearly one half of the amount of purchase would be received, either in improved Land or buildings, if good and well situated, or a vessel.

Also, for sale several lots of good Land in Avon on Sandy River—fourteen miles from Farmington Academy, on a credit for cash, grain, or neat flock; or those lots with the addition of some good Mortgages would be exchanged as above.

For further particulars apply to the subscriber at Hallowell. Call and see if it is not an object worthy attention.
Hallowell, May 15.


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