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Monday, January 02, 2006

An Account of Lovewell's Fight

Source: The Boston Gazette of May 17, 1725.
Boston, May 17.
Upon Saturday Morning the 8th. Instant, Capt. Lovewell & his Company, consisting of Thirty three Men, at Pigwocket discover'd an Indian on the side of the Pond, whom they killed & Scalp'd, and having marched about Two miles, about 10 a Clock in the Forenoon, the Indians fired upon them (from an Ambushment) both in Front and Rear : Whereupon the English ran in & fired upon them, and the Indians (who they reckoned at least double their Number) endeavour'd to encompass them : The English made a regular Retreat to a Pond about 20 Rods distance, in order to have their Rear cover'd, and continued the Fight 'till Night, maintaining their Ground & driving off the Enemy, several of whom they saw fall, and their Bodies drawn off by the Companions ; The English fired 14 or 16 rounds, and 'tis suppos'd that 20 or 30 of the Enemy were kill'd. Capt. Lovewell & Ensign Robins were mortally wounded by the Indians first shot from their Ambushments, who (notwithstanding supporting themselves by such Trees as they could lay hold on) kept firing on the Enemy, & encouraging their Companions, they both had their Guns in hands, Lovewell's being cock'd & presented when he was past speaking. Twenty one of our men were together at Night after the Indians drew off, Ten of which were wounded & 4 dangerously. Twelve of the said Twenty one are return'd to Dunstable and Londonderry, and we hope five more to some of the Towns on Piscataquis River. The Loss of so Brave & Discreet a Officer as Capt. LOVEWELL is much Lamented.


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