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Monday, January 02, 2006

1821 Petition to Set Land Off to Somerset County

This petition asked that that part of Oxford County east of the west line of the townships numbered six in the first, second and third ranges North of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase (NKBP) be set off to Somerset County. T6 R1 NKBP is Holeb Township; T6 R2 NKBP is Forsyth Township. There is no T6 R3 NKBP. The "Canada road" is now Route 201 through Jackman.

That part of Oxford County which lay within Bingham's "Million Acres" had been annexed upon petition a few years before

Source: Eastern Argus of Portland, Me., issue of Oct. 16, 1821.
To the Hon. Senate and House of Representatives, of the State of Maine, in Legislature assembled.
RESPECTFULLY SHEW, the justices of the Court of Sessions within and for the county of Somerset; that within two years past, a road has been opened, at a very great expense, from the settlements on Kennebec river to Quebec, called the Canada road; that in order to promote the sale and settlement of the public lands, the legislature of Massachusetts, prior to the separation of Maine, caused said road to be opened through the States land, and caused mills to be erected thereon, at the expense of the State; that said road is much used, and frequently needs repairs; that it passes through the northerly point of the county of Oxford; that much inconvenience is experienced from want of settlements and repairs of said road; that settlers are unwilling to go into the extreme part of that county: that it would encourage the settlement on said road, facilitate the intercourse between this State and Quebec, and promote general interest of the State, particularly this section of it, if the States land through which said road passes, should be annexed to Somerset County.

They therefore pray that the territory north of Bingham's million acres, now included in the county of Oxford, may be set off from that county and annexed to the county of Somerset, by a line running northerly, on the west line of the townships numbered six, in the first, second and third ranges, or otherwise from said million acres to the boundary line of the State.

By order of the Court of Sessions, at Norridgwock, Dec. 12, 1820.


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