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Monday, January 02, 2006

1818 Petition to Set Land Off to Somerset County

A petition to annex that part of Oxford County which lay in Bingham's Kennebec Purchase to Somerset County. Additional land north of this purchase would be annexed upon petition a few years later.

Source: American Advocate and Kennebec Advertiser of Hallowell, Me., issue of Mar. 14, 1818.
To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled.
RESPECTFULLY shews—your Petitioner, Treasurer of the county of Somerset, and duly authorized for this purpose, as Agent for said county, that provision having been made by the Legislature, to cause a road to be opened from Bingham's million acre tract, in the county of Somerset, to the Canada line; and also to cause all necessary measures to be taken for opening a road through said million acre tract, that the Westerly line of the county of Somerset, as delineated on the maps, passes through the Westerly side of said million acres diagonally, leaving a part of said tract in Oxford county; that the whole of said million acres has however been considered as within the county of Somerset; but in order to carry into full effect the provision of the Legislature respecting said road, it will become necessary to fix with certainty the exact limits of the county, which will be attended with much difficulty and expence, unless the Westerly line should be so altered and extended as to include the whole of said million acre tract within the county of Somerset; and other considerations might be urged for establishing the Westerly line of the county as the Westerly line of said tract, as being a fixed and noted line, which does not interfere with the lines of the townships, as the imaginary line of the county in its present course must. Your petitioner therefore prays, that the Westerly line of the county may be established on the Westerly line of Bingham's million acres, called the Kennebec tract, so far as said tract extends, and so as to include the whole of said tract within the county of Somerset. Your petitioner as Agent, as aforesaid, further shews—that the above described million acres was included in the last valuation, and that county taxes for 1812, '13, '14, '15, '16 and '17 have been duly assessed in the county of Somerset, by which assessment for the several years aforesaid, the sum of one thousand four hundred eighty three dollars and fifty four cents have been set to said million acre tract, (exclusive of the taxes set to the several towns and plantations on said million acres) and that no part of said sum has been paid, but that the whole now remains due, and that no provision is made by law for collecting said tax. Your petitioner therefore prays, that the county Treasurer may be authorised to collect said taxes in the same manner as the Treasurer of the Commonwealth has by a late law been authorized to collect the State taxes, when the same are set to places in which there are no inhabitants to whom he can direct his warrants. And as in duty bound will ever pray.
County of Somerset, Jan. 12, 1818.


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