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Monday, January 02, 2006

1799 Advertisement for Land in Waterford

Source: Massachusetts Spy, or Worcester Gazette, issue of Apr. 3, 1799.
TO BE SOLD in WATERFORD, adjoining BRIDGTON, County of Cumberland (Maine) and fortyfive miles from PORTLAND, Twentyfour Hundred Acres of chosen LAND ; containing two Mill privileges of the greatest relative importance ; and the whole of said Land is either good for settlement, or abounds with the best of timber, oak and pine :— Which may either be sawed on the spot, or by Crooked river, on the banks of which it is growing, be conveyed into the great Sebago, and from thence to Socaroppa mills, only five miles from PORTLAND.

WATERFORD is known to be one of the most flourishing inland towns in the District of Maine. And all the members of the convention, who have now a petition in the General Court, for a new County, composed from Cumberland and York, voted, with only one dissentient, in favor of WATERFORD as the shire town, which amounts to a certainty, that it will have that preeminence. Said WATERFORD contains one hundred families of capable, industrious, and prosperous farmers, principally from the county of Worcester.

Said Land, picked by thorough observation, and purchased chiefly of its original proprietors, will admit of a clear and infalible [sic] title. Young farmers, and others, who are desirous of advancing their interest, would do well to improve this hint, and apply to Mr. EPHRAIM CHAMBERLAIN, near the premises, and to Mr. NATHANIEL CHAMBERLAIN, Merchant, of PORTLAND, for terms of the above.


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