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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oxford County Bibliography

Town Histories

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Town Registers

Mitchell, Harry Edward, compiler, The Norway register, 1903-4 ([Kent's Hill, Me.? : H.E. Mitchell Pub., 1903]) [Link]

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Mitchell, Harry Edward, compiler, The Town Register: Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow and Chatham (Brunswick, Me.: H.E. Mitchell Co., 1907). [Link]

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Vital Records

Ellis, Hiram and Clinton Ellis, Records of Births and Deaths Made by Mr. Hiram Ellis and Continued by His Son Mr. Clinton Ellis of Canton. (typescript, [1936?]). Available at the Maine State Library.

Foster, Angela, ed., Vital Records of Hartford, Maine (Camden, Me.: Picton Press, 2004).

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Spurr, William Samuel, ed., Vital Records of Otisfield, Maine, to the Year 1892; Births, Marriages and Deaths ([Portland, Me.] 1948). [Link]

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Church Records

______, Records of the North Livermore Baptist Church, Livermore, Maine ([S.l. : s.n., 1999]).

Wyman, Rev. D. T., Historical sketch of the First Baptist Church in Livermore, Maine (Portland, [Me.] : Press of Brown Thurston Co., 1893).

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______, Biographical Review . . . of leading citizens of Franklin and Oxford Counties, Maine (Biographical Review Pub. Co.: Boston, Mass., 1897). [Link]

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