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Saturday, December 31, 2005

First Petition for Incorporation of East Butterfield (Hartford)

Source: ______, Centennial history of the town of Sumner, Me., 1798-1898 [] (West Sumner Me.: C.E. Handy, Jr., 1899), Appendix D.

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Plantation of East Butterfield or No. 7 So Called in the County of Cumberland Common wealth of Massechusetts on the 20th Day of this Instant Augt the Peeple made Choose of us the Subscriburs for a Committe to patition the Legislature of said Common wealth for an Incorporation of said plantation We therefore pray your honour to draw a patition for that purpose and Subscribe our names to the Same. (and this our request shall justify you in so doing) and lay the same before the General Court at their next Sessions, and procure us an Incorporation as soon as it can be reasonably be doon—Doing which you will oblige us your Humble Servents in particular and the People in general

East Butterfield Augt 22th 1793

To William Wedgry Esqr

Increase Robinson
William Hayford
Isaac Bonney
William Soule
Charles foord


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