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Saturday, December 31, 2005

First Petition for Incorporation of West Butterfield (Sumner)

Source: ______, Centennial history of the town of Sumner, Me., 1798-1898 [] (West Sumner Me.: C.E. Handy, Jr., 1899), Appendix C.
To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled,

The Petition of Elisha Bisbee Gentleman and others the subscribers Inhabitants of a Place or Plantation commonly called the Westerly Plantation in Butterfield in the County of Cumberland and Common wealth of Massachusetts humble sheweth—

That it is now about ten years since the said Plantation began to be setled, that it now contains twenty four heads of Familys: That your Petitioners ever have and stil do labor under Great difficulty, and great Disadvantages on many account more especially on account of the want of Roads Bridges Casways; that your Petitioners labor under great Disadvantages on account of Schools and diverse other matters. being under no Kind of Regulations or suppurt of Minister, or toards the suppurt of schools and the like. and many other Disadvantages your Petitioners labour under, of which they presume they might in a great measure at least, be relieved provided the said Plantation was Incorporated—

Where upon you Petitioners humble pray your Honors to take this their unhappy situation under your wise and judicues Consideration, and that your Honors will be pleased to pass an act for the Incorporation to said Plantation into a Town by such Name as your Honors shall think proper with all the Privilages Immunities of the other Towns in the Commonwealth: and your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray.

Dated at westerly Butterfield the 1 day of May Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninty three

Simon Frye,
Enoch Hall
Elisha Bisbe
John Keen
Moses Buck
John Croket
John Fletcher
Simon Parlin
William Tucker
Joshua Foard
Seth Allen
Jeames Keen
Meshach Keen

Solomon Bisbee
Joseph Robinson
Judah Keen
Noah Bozworth
Noah Bozworth juner


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